COVID OFFICERS (From 31 July 2020)

Jonathan Beeby, COVID Lead Officer

Introducing to all of our Members our newly appointed COVID Lead Officer for the Swimming Club, Jonathan Beeby who will be supported by Rebecca Dye in the lead role. Jon will be working with our growing team of COVID Liaison Officers who are ensuring a safe and healthy training environment for our swimmers. Thank you for all of your support....we can't do it without you!

COVID Lead Officer: Jonathan Beeby
COVID Lead Medical Support: Rebecca Dye

COVID Liaison Officers:

Performance Gold/Silver: Caili Evershed, Jo Beazer 

Performance Bronze/Youth & Masters: Rebecca Putland, Debbie Berry, Samantha Dolan

Stamina/Stroke: Sara Crane, Jon Dulieu, Dawn Hartland



Hailsham Swimming Club is reliant on the assistance provided by parents and family members of our swimmers. The club provides a variety of opportunities for people to get involved and help out on a voluntary basis.

There are the non-committee roles for which we always require volunteers, here is a sample of the roles you could help out with:

Role 1 = ASA Award scheme Officer

What’s required?

  • Promote the ASA award scheme to swimmers within the Hornets Teaching squads.
  • After club galas assess results to identify swimmers that have achieved an ASA award.
  • Monitor stock levels of badges and certificates.
  • Be available to sell badges and certificates at training session (minimum one night per week) and at club galas.

Role 2 = Club Awards Officer

What’s required?

  • Monitoring stock levels of medals, rosettes and sashes.
  • Ordering trophies, medals and rosettes for club galas and home events.
  • Organising the appropriate volumes of awards for each club gala event.

Role 3 = Social Event Organiser

What’s required?

  • Assist the club Head Coach in arranging swim camps and additional training facilities.
  • Assist with the organisation of the annual presentation evening.
  • Organise regular social events throughout the year, involving all club members.

Role 4 = Gala Volunteer

What’s required?

  • It is a requirement of the ASA to have the minimum number of Technical Officials for a Licensed Meet. The Club therefore relies upon the help of 22 VOLUNTEERS to run every Club Championships gala. Without parental involvement we would not be able to bring this valuable facility to our swimmers.
  • The roles to be covered include:

          Whip (organising swimmers for races) x 2
          Recorder (recording gala results) x 2
          Sweets & Swimshop
          Door & Raffle

Official ASA training required to be under taken:

         Judge of Stroke x 2
         Finish Judge x 2
         Inspector of Turn/Timekeeper x 6         
         Inspector of Turn –Turn End x 3

  • Purchase a gala helper polo shirt (essential).

Role 5 = Team Manager (Poolside assistance at competitions)

What’s required?

  • Completion of ASA online training course.
  • Supervising and organising swimmers at galas.
  • Availability to attend competitions regularly.
  • Purchase a gala helper polo shirt (essential).

Role 6 = Teacher Training (Swim teaching opportunities)

We can offer assistance to any person aged 16 and over wishing to train as a qualified swim teacher.

What’s required?

  • Hailsham Swimming Club is always on the lookout for new staff, we like to ensure that our swimmers will receive the best instruction from fully qualified teachers and coaches. What better way to achieve this than by helping staff gain their qualifications?
  • Find out if you have the qualities required to become a Hailsham Swimming Club swimming teacher by assisting on poolside for a minimum of 8 sessions before committing to the Assistant teacher training.
  • We are happy to assist upcoming teachers with funding of the Assistant teacher training (Level 1) and will pay up to 50% of the costs.
  • Throughout your training and for six months after qualifying, to ensure that you have gained sufficient poolside experience you would work alongside a Swim teacher (level 2) as a volunteer, after the six month period you could either stay on as a volunteer or choose to become a permanent member of the teaching staff should a post be available.
  • Having gained this qualification if you wished to progress we will be happy to discuss Swim Teacher (Level 2) Training with further assistance from Hailsham Swimming Club.

If you are interested in any of the volunteer roles, please contact Jeanette Simpson on 01323 406140 or   [email protected] for further information and a volunteers training pack.