Squad Structure

Club Coaches have undertaken a detailed review of our squad structure and have developed a new and exciting pathway to benefit the long term athlete development of all swimmers.

Junior squads will see minimal changes but their progression to the Senior squads will open up opportunities for goal led development based on their own ambitions.


Current Academy Stages 6 & 7 are unchanged.

Current Academy Stages 8,9 & 10 will be renamed DEVELOPMENT 8,9 & 10. The numbering continues to follow the Swim England "Learn to Swim" pathway whilst the name relates to the target of developing skills to improve technique in preparation for progression once criteria are met.

Current Development squads will be renamed COMPETITIVE 1 & 2. Kettering ASC is a competitive swimming club and the name change reflects both the nature of the Club and the expectations for these swimmers. IMPORTANT: training days, times and venues will change for these squads. See the revised timetable for more information.


Most of the structural changes affect the Senior Squads with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Titanium being replaced by PERFORMANCE 1, PERFORMANCE 2, EXCEL 1 & EXCEL 2.

The progression pathway can be seen below, and squad criteria can be found here

Click here for the training schedule, which involves pool time and strength & conditioning (land) training.

Existing Senior swimmers will be able to select their preferred squad based on the criteria, their own personal ambitions and circumstances.

Furthermore, swimmers that select PERFORMANCE 2 will have two options: the standard P2 (5 sessions plus land training) OR P2 (Reduced). The latter option allows a member to swim for 3 out of the 5 P2 sessions only, with no land training. The 3 sessions are to be agreed with the Coaches and must be attended regularly, unless otherwise agreed. This option is for EXISTING senior swimmers ONLY at the date of the restructure. Swimmers entering PERFORMANCE 1 at or after the date of the restructure will be expected to commit to the full 5 sessions of P2 unless they transition to EXCEL 1.


Masters will see a change to training days and times and Swim Fit remains an option open to all swimmers.

Please note that the optional Saturday morning pool and land sessions will cease.

This restructure represents an exciting development for the Club. It is enabling our swimmers to achieve their goals and ambitions, whatever they may be, by providing the training environments necessary to achieve success.