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Training Location Details

Dulwich College Sports Centre


Address:  Pond Cottages, SE21 7LD

Parking: Car park is for use by Sport Club members only. Use College Road, or the membership card (see below) allows you to use the Dulwich College main car park and also gives you access to the pedestrian gate near the zebra crossing to walk through to the Sports Club.

Other info: Membership card is required for entry to sports centre, so unless it's a one-off visit (e.g. for a trial) , ask desk for an application form and they will issue you a card on the spot (£5 one-off charge). An adult with a pass must always accompany a child through to the pool to hand over responsibility for care of the child to the coach. On Monday evenings there is an arrangement for the coach to wait in reception until 5.30pm to take the children through. For all other sessions, parents must accompany their children through.

Alleyn's School


Address: Townley Road, London, SE22 8SU. Entry from Townley Road.

Parking: No car park. Use Townley Road or surrounding streets


Crystal Palace National Sports Centre


Address: Ledrington Rd,  London, SE19 2BB

Parking: Has its own car park

Other info: We use the 50m pool and the 25m Training Pool which is downstairs

Dulwich Prep London

Address: 38-42 Alleyn Park, London, SE21 7AA

Parking: On Alleyn Park or surrounding roads.

Other Info: Enter through new glass building (Pennock Building), walk straight ahead about 100 yards and it is slightly to the right. Changing room doors have a code which you should find out by contacting the club.

JAGS Sports Club


Address: Red Post Hill, Dulwich, London, SE24 9JN

Parking: Car park is for members only, so parking is on Red Post Hill or surrounding streets

Dulwich Leisure Centre


Address: 2b Crystal Palace Road, London, SE22 9HB

Parking: No car park. Crystal Palace Road or surrounding streets.

Camberwell Leisure Centre


Address: Artichoke Place, off Camberwell Church Street, London SE5 8TS

Parking: No car park, use surrounding streets.

West Norwood Leisure Centre

Address: 25 Devane Way, West Norwood, London, SE27 0DF

Parking: Disabled parking bays and a few spaces for drop-off only. Good amount of parking in streets. Very close to train station

Peckham Pulse Healthy Living

Address: 10 Melon Rd, SE15 5QN

Parking: Ticketed car park