Learn to swim

Our learn to swim programme aims to create a community in which swimmers of all abilities are inspired to achieve their full potential.

We follow the National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS), an accredited plan recommended by the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) whereby children of all abilities are given the opportunity to develop their water skills and confidence.

Children are assessed on their first visit and then placed in a level which suits their current skills and confidence in the water. Sometimes this means by passing the beginner groups if appropriate and fast tracking into a higher level.

​We take children from the age of 3 years and upwards.

To secure your place in our learn to swim programme please register your child's details with the BWFSC Membership Administrator at

Our teachers are keen swimmers themselves having many years of swimming experience between them, most having swam competitively at some point in their lives. They are enthusiastic, full of encouragement and keen for the young swimmers to do well.

Children are constantly assessed throughout the weeks and when they are considered ready, move to the next level thus ensuring natural progression. Swimming lessons are one half hour session per week throughout the year (except Bank Holidays and Christmas). This ensures that swimmers retain what they have learn which promotes speedy progression through the various levels.

Timetable of sessions:

Training Group Training Session
LTS 1 Wednesday 6pm
LTS 2 Wednesday 6pm or 6:30pm or 7pm
LTS 3 Wednesday 6pm or 6:30pm or 7pm
LTS 4 Monday 7pm or Wednesday 6:30pm
LTS 5 Wednesday 7pm or Friday 7pm
LTS 6 Monday 7:30pm or Wednesday 7:30pm or Friday 7:30pm
LTS 7 Monday and Friday 7pm
LTS 8 Monday and Friday 7:30pm

Teacher/Swimmer Ratios

Next Steps

Progression Chart

When swimmers move on from Level 8 an element of competitive training is also introduced where we start to concentrate more on stroke technique, tumble turns, diving and eventually introducing lane swimming to start to build upon stamina. At this point the swimming sessions increase to two half hour sessions per week, (Levels 9-10). Eventually the two half our sessions will increase as swimmers progress into the development squads

From the Development Squads, swimmers have the opportunity to progress further by entering the club's top squads, subject to its criteria and availability.