Swim fees

Swimming fees vary greatly throughout the Academy and Performance Squads subject to the number and duration of training sessions.

Swimming fees include Time Trial however Club Championships incur an additional fee due to additional admin and presentation cost.

All swimmers and volunteer helpers are required to be a member of both BWFSC and the ASA.

Annual Membership Fees

The following membership fees are payable upon joining and annually in January thereafter.

ASA Registration** Categories and annual fees payable subject to change by ASA

Category 1
Non competitive 

Category 2

Category 3
Non swimming

BWFSC Annual Membership Fee  




Total Annual Membership Payable:     




**this provides the club's public liability insurance without which swimmers are not able to train or compete. 

Quarterly Swimming Fees Payable

In addition to the above, swimming fees as outlined below are payable by standing order on a quarterly basis.  Details of the club's bank account can be found at the bottom of this page.

Upon joining, parents are sent an invoice for the first quarter's fees plus the annual membership fees.  Subsequent quarterly fees  should be made by standing order into the club's bank account.. Please ensure your reference has fees and surname of swimmer e.g. FEESGrimshaw

The club cannot accept cash or cheque - if this is your preferred method of payment you will need to make arrangement at a branch of Lloyds TSB to credit the club's bank account.

Please note that we often have waiting lists for places in various sections of the club, therefore non payment of fees may also lead you to losing your place.

Training Group  Training sessions Quarterly Fees £
Little Gators Wednesday 6.30pm £80
Learn to swim 1 Wednesday 6pm £80
Learn to swim 2 Wednesday 6pm or  7pm £80
Learn to swim 3 Wednesday 6pm or 6.30pm or 7pm £80
Learn to swim 4 Monday 7pm or Friday 7.30pm(Sylvestrian)or Wednesday 6.30pm (Chingford) £80
Learn to swim 5 Monday 7.30pm or Wednesday 7pm or  Friday 7pm £80
Learn to swim 6 Monday 7.30pm or Wednesday 7.30pm or Friday 7.30pm £80
Learn to swim 7 Monday and Friday 7pm £95
Academy 1 Monday and Friday 6-7pm £100
Academy 2 Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6-7pm £115
Academy 3 Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6-7.30pm £140
Academy 4 Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6-8pm £140
Performance 1 Four evenings and three mornings – minimum 4 £185
Performance 2 Four evenings and every morning – minimum 5 £210
Performance 3 Every evening and every morning – minimum 6 £225
Performance 4 Every evening and every morning – minimum 7 £255
SwimFit Monday 8-9pm, Wednesday 7-8pm and Friday          8-9pm £115
Masters Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8-9pm £115


Club's Bank Account Details

Name of Bank

Lloyds TSB

Name of Account

Borough of Waltham Forest Swimming Club

Account Number


Sort Code

30 - 91 - 59

Payment Dates

1st January, 1st April, 1st July, 1st October