Galas Against Other Clubs

As a club, we compete against other clubs in 4 different leagues, each of which has a handful of galas during the year.  These leagues have been selected to provide the opportunity for all swimmers to represent the club and swim competitively.

Coaches will select swimmers to represent the club at these galas and it should be considered an honour to be invited to take part. Generally speaking, representation at these galas should take priority over other internal and external events.

Those fortunate to be selected will be contacted, usually by e-mail, by one of the club’s Team Managers and will be expected to respond to the invitation promptly so the team can be finalised and others called-up if necessary.

Millennium League

This league provides a great introduction to the gala environment.  It has a time limit for each event, which prevents clubs from entering their fastest swimmers and therefore gives swimmers in all age groups an opportunity to swim against others of a similar standard.

It’s ideal for our younger age groups, less experienced swimmers and provides opportunities for more experienced swimmers to swim strokes which are not their strongest.

Galas are held at weekends and competing teams take it in turns to host galas. In recent years we have travelled to Sevenoaks, Dartford, Larkfield and Maidstone.

Tudor League

Similar to the Millennium League, the Tudor League imposes a time limit for each event but the limits are faster so it caters for faster and more experienced swimmers.

Galas are held at weekends and competing teams take it in turns to host galas, however all of the galas currently take place at The Eltham Centre.

Kent Junior League

This league is for swimmers who are 13 years old or younger and there are no time limits. This means each club can pick their fastest swimmers for each event. Historically this has been a tough but generally successful league for the club.

Galas are held at weekends and competing teams take it in turns to host galas at their pools.

Arena League

This is the toughest league for any club in the country and those swimmers who are selected to represent Greenwich Royals get to compete against some very good swimmers from all around London.

This national competition is broken down into regionally based leagues. Greenwich Royals competes in the London National Swimming League, in which there are three divisions: Premier, Division 1 and Division 2.

There are three rounds of galas for each division, which usually take place on the second Saturday of October, November and December.  The top two from each of the Premier divisions around the country qualify for a National Finals competition. Within the regional structure it is possible for teams to be promoted or relegated.

At present, events are swum in the following age categories; 9/11yrs, 13/u, 15u and Open.

Different clubs tend to host each round of galas. To provide an indication of possible distances, in recent years we have travelled to Luton and Borehamwood.

The National Arena Swimming league has its own website: