COVID-Liaison Role & Responsibilities

COVID-Liaison's role & responsibilities:

The COVID-Liaison (helper) will need to wear a mask before the session starts and at at the end.

That person will be at the pool door, monitoring swimmers coming in and check:

1 - they wear a mask

2 - they respect government guidelines in terms of social distancing

3 - they have done the Home Screening checks

4 - they have showered prior to coming to the pool

5 - they take their shoes off prior to getting on poolside (through the double doors) and take their shoes with them on poolside to store in their bags while training

6 - they arrive "pool ready" aka swim suit under their clothes

7 - If swimmers have not registered and/or not signed the required forms prior to their session(list will be sent out in advance), they will not be allowed to swim. No exceptions

8 - No late swimmers will be allowed in (unless agreed with COVID-Lead in advance)

The COVID-Liaison will then offer each swimmer to use the Operator provided hand sanitizer pump near the entrance and also indicate to swimmers which side of the pool to go and put their bags/change

First swimmers need to fill the right hand side benches, 1 swimmer between each wall attachment, then the left hand side, still adhering to strict social distancing

Once swimmers are in swimsuit, they then follow the Coaches instructions in regards to lane allocation and where to put their kit bags, as well as social distance during training


Once the session ends, the COVID-Liaison ensures that:

- swimmers go back to their allocated changing space following social distancing

- they keep their swim suits on , quickly dry up then out their clothes on (not shoes)

The COVID-Liaison will then direct swimmers to 1 of the 2 Exits based on their Changing Location, all 1m+ apart where swimmers will put their shoes on and leave.

Swimmers have to be out within 5mn of session ending to allow time for cleaning and getting the next squad in without cross over.

Once swimmers are gone, the COVID-Liaison will quickly spread water around the pool using a giant scoop  and spray antibacterial spray on the rail bars. Both scoop and spray will be provided by the pool operator


You have questions? either email the COVID-19 Lead (Servane Chou) on [email protected] or whatsapp/text message on 07977534272