FAQs – CHS Focused

Q.Have we received the updated NOP/ EAP/ Risk Assessments from Croydon High?

A. We will get the NOP / EAP from CHS very soon and will share with the Coaches. The Risk Assessment performed by BSC has been uploaded in TU-> COVID-19 Menu. It will be amended on a regular basis to incorporate Coaches, Parents and Volunteers feedback.


Q. Have they input hand sanitization stations?

A. Hand sanitizers will be placed next to both Boys and Girls toilets. There will also be a wall mounted station near the entrance, but not until the second week. In the meantime, a container will be provided a positioned on poolside, near the entrance door.


Q.Have the center ensured that they take responsibility for the cleanliness of poolside?

A.The poolside and toilets will be cleaned by the Operator before and after we use the pool.


Q.Will there be others using the center over the summer?

A.The gym will be open to members early mornings only. Then the holiday camp will run with parents dropping off before 9am and picking up after 4pm. The pool will only be used by BSC between 10am and 3pm


Q. will there be markers/tape on the floor to outline specific areas/ on the lane rope to identify stopping markers?

A.There won’t be any markers but a pool diagram will be loaded in TU to indicate where kits should be positioned. Swimmers will need to change on seating are, 1 swimmer between 2 wall mounts


Q.Will spectators be allowed in the building?

A. No, and parents will not be allowed beyond the gate leading to the pool, except for C1/C2 squads as they are younger.

Q. Will there be social distanced collection points?

A. Swimmers will need to remain 1m+ away from anyone when walking to the entrance door and remain outside until told by the COVID-Liaison. Same thing when leaving the pool. Swimmers will need to walk 1m+ away from anyone back to their parents car. Parent should also adhere to these rules when collecting their swimmer at the gate.


Q.Are we encouraging swimmers to bring their kit?

A. Only Elite squad are allowed to bring their kit on poolside the first week. Then Coaches will indicate to the swimmers what to bring each session.


Q. What are the guidelines for administering first aid, should the need arise?

A. A CHS Lifeguard will be on poolside during each session.


Q.Have we been assured that the first aid stocks are full?

A. Yes.

Q.Swim England mentions about squad briefings prior to attendance.

A. The Parents evening held on the 26th at 8PM will act as a squad briefing. Parents will need to relay the information to their swimmers

Q.Will a diagram be provided of the pool layout and where we expect swimmers to be?

A. Yes, it will be loaded in TU prior to the first session on the 27th of July. However please watch the Video to get acquainted with the procedures and location.


  1. Q.To reduce risk, are we encouraging swimmers not use the toilets in the centre?
  1. Yes. Swimmers should use the toilets before coming to training, however, if they need it, they can use the toilets in the changing rooms. One swimmer at a time and should use hand sanitizers before and after the use of the toilets. The disabled toilets on pool side are off limits as these will not be cleaned during the day.

Changing Rooms toilets will be checked and cleaned every 45mn.


14. Q. Are lanes going to be allocated in advance?

    A.Yes, coaches will email the lane allocation lists to the COVID-Lead who will then email the relevant COVID-Liaison


15. Q. WIP