Trinity School

Please read carefully the guidelines provided by Trinity Swim School

- In/Out of the building Map instructions

- Risk Assessment

- Guidelines



Please read carefully the guidelines provided by TSC

- Make sure swimmers enter the building "beach-ready", as changing rooms are closed.

- After the session ends, insure swimmers only dry themselves quickly, put their clothes On Top of Their Swimsuit, and leave

- everyone must wear a mask before and after the training session, that includes on poolside when changing

- hand sanitizer must be used before and after the session takes place

- no out door shoes on poolside

- Allocate a place for each swimmer to put their bags on, at least 1m apart

- make sure social distances are respected at all times (except when in water where swimmers are under the coaches responsibility)



- no outdoor shoes on poolside

- use the bathroom before leaving your home to avoid disruption



- Make sure your swimmer has conducted a Health Check before leaving your home. No need to send it to me, but if anyone in your household is showing signs of COVID, please refrain from attending training and isolate yourselves for 14 days as per government rules.

- you are not allowed in the building

- you are to remain in your car when dropping off and collecting your child

- you must must remain a few minutes away from the pool in case we need to call you urgently to collect your swimmer