South Norwood

South Norwood Pool
164 Portland Road
SE25 4PT

(Pics 1 and 2) Queue up at the stairs. Wait, mask on and socially distanced (week 1, maybe 2)

Centre staff will come out and give you the green light to access the building ascending up the left-hand side of the steps

(Week 3, hopefully you will all have contact cards)

(Pic 3, 4 and 5) One-way system from the entrance, clearly sign posted to the pool. come ready to swim.

Covid reps to hand out hand sanitizer

You will go straight to poolside, no access to changing rooms, remove outdoor shoes before reaching the pool.

(Pic 6) There is 1 long bench to fill up with your bags next to the lifeguard chair

(Pic 7) After the session you are to exit via the fire exit door situated at the deep end of the main pool following the one-way system. upon instructions from the Covid reps. This door leads to the car park for picking up. This is the preferred option.

Access to the changing room is allowed after the session, if using, you leave via the main reception.

Car Park is free for 2 hours