Enfield Regional Qualifier Report – 5th march 2016

Well done to the twenty-one swimmers from Redbridge Swim Squad who competed in a total of 98 events at Southbury Rd Enfield on the 5th March. They walked away with 47 podium places, 34 personal best swims, and more regional qualifying times.

The medals totalled 24 Gold, 15 silver and 8 bronze.

 Swimmers competing were;

 Niccolo Amoroso (16) who had 5 events won a silver for the 200 backstroke and swam 3 personal best times.

Eleanor Bath (15) four races three silver medals in the 50 breaststroke, and backstroke, the third for the 200 backstroke, a bronze for 100 backstroke.

Joely Bennett (15), took gold in the 200 breaststroke and a PB for the 200 freestyle just missing the bronze.

Carmen Bywater (12), competed in a total of 6 races, made four personal best times adding the 200 freestyle to her regional qualifying times, and walked away with one gold and three silver medals.

Cayley Cochrane (14), made personal best times in 50% of her races,

Charlie Davis (11) swam well returning from an illness. while big brother John (JJ) Davis (14), achieved 100% record with 4 best times taking 2 silver medals.

Ellie Grant (14), won 4 gold and 1 silver medals with a personal best time to boot, getting herself back in form after a period of injury.

Lily Harwood (11) made the podium with all four races, taking two gold for the 50 breaststroke and 50 freestyle, and two silver medals for 100 fly and 50 backstroke, she also made best times in two of the events adding more races to her regional tally. Not to be out-swum big sister Lucy Harwood (16), swam four races and took four gold medals in the 100, 200 fly, and the 100 Freestyle and backstroke.

Kieran Holdbrook (16), won gold in the 200 Freestyle, shaved time off his 100 freestyle and swam well in the other three races .

Rhianna Jones (14), held her cool with six races, just missing out on bronze in three of them.

Daniel Lambert (17), collected two gold for 50 and 100 Backstroke, a silver for the 50 Fly which was a personal best time and bronze for the 100 Backstroke,

Louis Pentz‑Judge (12), returning from illness and time off was straight into racing again with eight events, he made two best times, and took three silver medals for the 100, 200 Backstroke and 200 Freestyle.

Emma Richards (14), swam six solid races and made a best time in the 100 breaststroke

Manon Richards (14), made the podium with a bronze in the 50 breaststroke, her other four races, produced some determined swimming showing her competitive spirit.

Jordan Shakes (22), won bronze in the 50 breaststroke and just missed a best time for the 50 freestyle.

Marleigh Stanton (12), made personal best times in all four of her races, taking gold in the 100 fly with a massive 16 second improvement, and bronze in the 50 Fly.

Brandon Bryan-Waugh (11) swan well with all new best times and a gold for the 100 Fly

Binu Wickremasinghe (14), took to the blocks 5 times and just missed bronze with a 3 second best time for the 200 freestyle.

Tunmise Salu (11), stole the show with 7 golds from 7 races with over 50% personal best times, with an impressive 13 second improvement in the 200 Fly, 7 seconds on the 200IM and 100m Fly, and 4 seconds in the 200 Freestyle. This added  two more races to her regional tally.

essex age group championships 2016

block b report 20-21 february

Twenty-three swimmers from the London Borough of Redbridge SC, competed in a total of 73 races, over the week end to round up the final block of the Essex County Championships 2016. Highlights from each sessions follows below:

Session 7

Medals included 2 golds, for Ellie Grant in the 400m IM and for Brandon Brandon-Waugh in the 100 Breaststroke. Ellie also won the bronze Ellie in the 100m Freestyle,

In the 400m IM, Tunmise Salu came 8th in the 12 years age group, Olivia Roberts was 7th in the 13 years and Rhianna Jones 5th for the 15 year age group.

In the 100m Freestyle,  Tunmise Salu took 7th and Lucy Harwood came 8th in  the 17+ age group

In the 200m Backstroke Carmen Bywater smashed her Personal Best time to take 6th Place in the 13 years age group.

Session 8

15 Redbridge swimmers competed in 22 Races, achieving 1 Gold and 3 Bronze medals with 6 top ten places

There was a gold medla for Ellie Grant in the 200IM with Rhianna Jones finishing in 10th Place

In the 100 Fly Tunmise Salu made the final as third fastest, with a 9 second PB, then came 4th in the final with yet another personal best.

Olivia Roberts missed the final by 100th of a second to take 9th in the 13 year age group.

The boys’ 100 Fly saw Manuel Nachev qualify fastest in the 16 years age group, then in a close final he was just piped into 3rd place where 300th of a second separated first to third. Meanwhile Ryan Hutson made a PB to make the final finishing in 8th place.

In the girls’ 200 Butter fly, Ellie Grant and Lucy Harwood both took bronze in the 15 and 17+ age group respectively.

Session 9

Include 15 Redbridge swimmers competing in 20 races, coming away with one Gold and one Bronze

Brandon Bryan-Waugh had a battle on in the 200 Individual Medley taking 3rd Place. In the Boys’ 200 Freestyle Manuel Nachev took 7th place in the 16 years age group.

Carmen Bywater was on fire with a 6 second PB to make the final of the Girls 100 Backstroke in 7th place. She then swam another three seconds faster to take 4th in the final.

Ellie Grant swam a best time in the 100 Breaststroke making the final as fastest qualifier where she then shaved more time off to take the Gold

The full list of Redbridge swimmers who all swam well were:

With one race each; Billy PARKER, Emma RICHARDS, John DAVIS, Jonathan LAZAROV, Nathan LEONG, Nikita ROBERTS

With two races; Elizabeth HARWOOD, Joely BENNETT, Manon RICHARDS, Niccolo AMOROSO

With Three races; Brandon BRYAN-WAUGH, Daniel LAMBERT, Lucy HARWOOD, Manuel NACHEV, Marleigh STANTON

With four Races; Kieran HOLDBROOK, Tom REID

Five races; Carmen BYWATER, Rhianna JONES, Ryan HUTSON

6, 7 and 8 races respectively; Olivia ROBERTS, Oluwatunmise SALU and Ellie GRANT

Essex age group championships 2016

Block b report – 7-8 February

Block B of the Essex County Championships saw 38 Redbridge swimmers from all four squads descending on the London Aquatic Centre on Saturday 6th February 2016. They swam a combined total of 123 races, with an amazing 95% at Personal Best times. Well done all

The opening session, Session 6 saw a total of 9 finalists, and two Gold medals. Lucy Harwood won the 50 Fly in the 17+ age group. Meanwhile Brandon Bryan-Waugh took Gold in the 12 year age group in with a new county record in the same event.
Other Finalists were as follows:
13 year age group, 50 Freestyle Tunmise Salu, 4th, Lilly Harwood taking 7th Place
15 years age group 50 Fly Ellie Grant 6th,
16 years age group, Nikita Roberts 10th.
50 Backstroke saw in the 15 year age group, Rhianna Jones in 5th Place and Ellie in 7th Place with Lucy Harwood taking 4th in the 17+ age group

Session 7 saw 10 Finalists in total. In the 12 years 50 Freestyle, Brandon took Gold and Carmen Bywater came 4th in the 13 years 50 Backstroke. Ellie Grant and Rhianna Jones took 4th and 8th in the 15 years 50m Freestyle respectively, Lucy Harwood snatched 7th in the 17+ age group.
For the boys Manuel Nachev took 4th in the 16 years 50 Fly, Brandon achieved a hat trick with another Gold finishing 3 seconds ahead of the field on the 50 Breaststroke. Tunmise Salu took another fourth place in the Girls’ 50 Fly, followed by Ellie Grant taking gold in the 50 Breast and Rhianna Jones 10th in the same final.

Sunday 7th February, Session 8
The 800 and 1500 included four Redbridge swimmers. Eloise Montanana swam an awesome 800 with a 3 second negative split on the 400s taking 9th Place, Tunmise Salu in her first 800 Long Course race secured a 35 second PB and 5th place while Olivia Roberts took part in a head to head battle snatching silver by two 10th of a second, a great finish.
John (JJ) Davis was also head to head in the 1500 giving him a new PB and 7th Place.

Congratulations to all our swimmers who took part over the weekend:

From the Academy squad
Jonathan LAZAROV and Medwin ODAMTTEN

From the Competitive development squad
Joseph HAYNE

From B squad
Binu WICKREMASINGHE, Brandon BRYAN-WAUGH, Cayley COCHRANE, Ciara CONNOLLY, Clara EVANS, Elizabeth HARWOOD, Jake HARE, Lauren HUTSON, Madeline FRANKS, Manon EVANS, Marleigh STANTON, Nicole LOMAS, Oluwatunmise SALU, Pankhuri PRIYANSHI, Samuel SEYOUM, Shareen NANAN, and Tom REID.

From A squad
Billy PARKER, Carmen BYWATER, Daniel LAMBERT, Ellie GRANT, Eloise MONTANANA, Emma RICHARDS, Joely BENNETT, John DAVIS, Kieran HOLDBROOK, Lucy HARWOOD, Manuel NACHEV, Nathan LEONG, Niccolo AMOROSO, Nikita ROBERTS, Olivia ROBERTS, Rhianna JONES, Ryan HUTSON and back from Uni in Leeds Samuel KELLY.

Essex Winter Championships 2015

Redbridge Swimmers rewarded for hard work

A long weekend at Basildon Sporting Village saw Redbridge Swimming Club in the Essex Winter Championships with 16 athletes from the squad competing.

Session 1

The Competition started on Friday night with the distance events. The women’s 800 freestyle saw Olivia Roberts, big sister Nikita and Ellie Grant take to the blocks. All girls made new short course best times with Olivia taking 1 minute 40 off her old PB from Jan 2015.

The lads swimming in the Men’s 1500 were Niccolo Amoroso, Daniel Lambert and Kieran Holdbrook all with PBs of 1 minute 20 and over: Great swimming lads!

Round up from session 1; gave the squad 6 swims and 6 personal best times

Session 2

Saturday saw the rest of the swimmers arrive full of enthusiasm. Racing started with the Open men’s 400 freestyle with Lambert, Holdbrook, Amoroso and Manuel Nachev swimming well, Nachev and Amoroso made  best times with comfortable swims. The women’s 400 individual Medley gave Rhianna Jones and Olivia Roberts  the opportunity to make new best times. Roberts took 9 seconds off her PB while Jones swam well but just outside her best time.

 The men’s 50 breaststroke heats, saw Brandon Bryan-Waugh and Niccolo Amoroso make new PBs, the third of the Championships for Amoroso. The women’s 50 backstroke gave Carmen Bywater a two second PB, with a revised stroke rate. The men’s 200 fly, saw Ryan Hutson swim a season best time, Holdbrook just off his recent PB, while Billy Parker gave a solid performance and Nachev was back in action with a 12 second PB

In the women’s 200 freestyle, Ellie Grant finished on her PB, with Rhianna Jones just off by a second, Nikita Roberts focusing on her leg kick made a cheeky PB

The men’s 100 backstroke heats, saw seven swimmers take to the blocks with PBs for 5, Lambert, Parker, Amoroso, Nachev, Bryan-Waugh. Hutson and Holdbrook swam hard and just missed their best times. In the women’s 100 breaststroke, Lucy Harwood made a new best time with Manon Richards, just outside her entry time.

Round up from session 2; gave the squad 24 swims and 14 personal best times

Session 3

Saturday’s final session opened with the heats of the men’s 50 freestyle. Dan Lambert was on fire again with another PB, as was Bryan-Waugh, and Amoroso. Ryan Hutson just missed out with a solid swim. However, the men’s 200 individual medley, had Amoroso, Lambert, Nachev and Parker all looking a bit tired from the events so far and just off their entry times.

The women’s 100 freestyle, had six girls swimmng, leading to 4 best times from Ellie Grant, Nikita Roberts, Rhianna Jones and Joely Bennett. Meanwhile Lucy Harwood and Manon Richards were just a second or so off their entry times. In the men’s 100 butterfly, Hutson, Parker and Holdbrook looked good but it was Nachev and Bryan-Waugh who swam best times in this event.

The women’s 100 Individual medley gave the squad its first finalist and Ellie Grant a new PB, a great effort! The men’s 200 breaststroke, included a tired looking Kieran Holdbrook and Niccolo Amoroso. Niccolo was on his 7th race of the competition. Both swam well but just off their best times. Finally, in the women’s 200 backstroke, 3 girls, Harwod, Jones and Bywater all took over a second off their best times.

Round up from session 3; gave the squad 25 swims and 13 personal best times 3rd Place in IM Final

Session 4 

Sunday afternoon kicked off with the Open women’s 400 freestyle, in which Grant and Nikita Roberts worked hard, but were just off the pace.

After two withdrawals from the men’s 400 Individual Medley, two swimmers competed. Holdbrook and JJ Davis both swam well paced swims with Holdbrook out on his 100 Fly PB, but finishing less than a second off his best time and JJ got a new PB. In the women’s 50 breaststroke heats, Ellie Grant made it through to her second final and a fourth place of the competition. Meanwhile Manon Richards achieved a new best time.

In the men’s 50 backstroke, Amoroso and Lambert both hit new best times and Hutson a season’s best. The women’s 200 Fly had Olivia Roberts and Rhianna Jones swimming head to head, Both girls swam PBs with Roberts the first Redbridge swimmer home following a well paced swim. The men’s 200 freestyle, had 6 Redbridge swimmers, and two best times by over 2 seconds from Lambert and Amoroso who were on their 7th and 10th event respectively. Hutson just missed a PB by 4 hundredths of a second, while Nachev, Holdbrook and Davis were all within a second of theirs.

The women’s 100 backstroke heats included 5 Redbridge swimmers. Harwood, Jones, Richards, Nikita Roberts and Carmen Bywater swam hard and all got best times. Harwood made the final from the first heat, and then PB’d again in the final. The men’s 100 breaststroke, had Nachev and Amoroso pull out the stops both taking over a second off their best times great work considering this was their 7th and 11th event!

Round up from session 4; gave the squad 25 swims and 16 personal best times and 5th Place in 100 BK Final

 Session 5 

Late Sunday afternoon opened with the women’s 50 freestyle heats. Richards, Bennett and Bywater all swam well with Richards taking a new best time. The men’s 50 fly heats followed with Hutson and Amoroso back in action. Both swam hard and Niccolo gained yet another best time, his 9th of the competition. The women’s 200 individual medley, gave Grant, Jones and the Roberts girls another chance to show their skills with Grant and Olivia Roberts on 4 second PBs and Jones taking 4 seconds off hers.

The men’s 100 freestyle had 6 Redbridge representatives and led to four best times from Lambert, Nachev, Holdbrook, and Amoroso. Hutson and Davis were just outside their all-time bests. The women’s 100 butterfly, included both Roberts sisters, joined by Jones and Harwood. Olivia Roberts and Rhianna Jones found themselves head to head again, this time with Jones finishing ahead of Olivia who took a 2 second PB. Nikita swam well despite looking tired at the finish, Harwood made the final, where she excelled herself achieving a PB and taking silver medal.

The final men’s event of the championships was the 200 backstroke. On top of their earlier achievements, Lambert and Amoroso both came through with another PB each. Meanwhile Holdbrook and Nachev gave all they had but just missed out,

Round up from session 5; gave the squad 23 swims and 13 personal best times and 2nd Place in 100 Fly Final

Overall Statistics from the Weekend

103 swims with 62 personal best times or a 60% Personal Best swim rate

Essex & Beds Intercounties February 2015

Essex County age Group Championships, 14th and 15th February 2015 – Block C report

Redbridge’s Block C swimmers

Last weekend saw the third and final block of the 2015 Essex County Championships. Opening the races on Saturday’s afternoon session 8 were Joely Bennett, Isabel Levine, Nikita Roberts and Lucy Harwood in the women’s 50m Freestyle. All swam well with personal bests, Lucy making the final where she took bronze in the 16 years age group with an even better time.

The 14 and under age group 50m backstroke gave Olivia Roberts, Carmen Bywater, Ellie Grant and Rhianna Jones their first races of the weekend. Again all swam PBs with Rhianna and Ellie making the final where both swam faster, finishing 4th and 5th respectively.

Harry Mendel knocked 5 seconds off his 200m backstroke PB to finish 5th overall with Sean Curley also setting a PB to finish 6th. Sean also qualified for the final of the 100m Butterfly with a PB, finishing 6th. Seven Redbridge youth and senior lads took to the blocks for the 200m Freestyle. Manuel Nachev, Jordan Shim, Ryan Hutson, Daniel Lambert, Sam Kelly, Nathan Leong and Fraser Scott all swam well with Scott improving his PB.


Lucy Harwood paced the race well taking the gold

In the Women’s 200m Fly, Nikita Roberts and Lucy Harwood paced the race well with Nikita taking 5th place and Lucy taking the gold.

Up next were the lads again for the 50m fly, this time with the addition of Billy Parker. All either equalled or recorded new best times with Leong and Hutson making the final in the 17+ and 16 years age groups. Two very close races followed with Leong taking gold by two tenths and Hutson the silver by a tenth of a second.

The afternoon’s events ended with five Redbridge girls tackling the 200m breaststroke. Marleigh Stanton, Cayley Cochrane, Olivia Roberts, and Rhianna Jones made big improvements to their PBs while Ellie Grant took gold with a 7 second PB.


Ryan Hutson swam another PB to finish on the podium with a bronze

An early start on Sunday saw Session 9 commence with the Youth and Senior lads’ 100m backstroke. Billy Parker, Kieran Holdbrook, Fraser Scott, Daniel Lambert, Samuel Kelly, Jordan Shim and Ryan Hutson all swam PBs with Shim and Hutson making the finals in the 15 and 16 year age group respectively. Shim finished 7th while Hutson swam another PB to finish on the podium with a bronze.

Looking forward to the 200m fly were the younger lads, Brandon Bryan-Waugh, Harry Mendel, Sean Curley and John Davis. Bryan-Waugh took an astonishing 10 seconds off his PB while Mendel had a cracking swim cutting his PB by 3 seconds to finish 7th overall in the 12 year old age group. In the 14 year old age group, Curley and Davis went head to head in the same heat, Curley took the race out well with Davis holding his pace who then managed to pull it back to finish in 6th place, Curley holding onto 8th.

Redbridge’s only swimmer in the women’s 50m backstroke was Lucy Harwood. With a PB she made the final where she managed to repeat her best time to take the bronze medal. The younger girls then returned to the competition pool for the 100m individual medley, Oluwatunmise Salu, Carmen Bywater, Marleigh Stanton, Olivia Roberts, Rhianna Jones and Ellie Grant all swam well with most making new best times. Ellie then went on to the Final achieving another PB and collecting another gold.

In the boys’ 14 and under 50m breaststroke, Harry Mendel put in a solid swim while Jake Hare made a PB, as did Sean Curley. Brandon Bryan-Waugh qualified for the final where he not only struck gold but also recorded an Event Best Time for an 11 year old. Meanwhile the youth and seniors lads were back, up and ready for the 200m Breaststroke. Ryan Hutson had a great swim with a PB. Manuel Nachev, Billy Parker, and Jordan Shim were either on or just off their best times, with Shim finishing in 5th Place for his age. Nathan Leong and Fraser Scott swam in the same heat with Leong pacing his race well working on the second 100m to take the bronze, while Scott held a great pace making a PB to win the gold medal.

Finishing off the individual heats for the morning, the youth girls had the 200m individual medley. Nikita Roberts worked well just off her PB, while team mate Lucy Harwood paced her race to make a PB and take silver.

The junior girls quartet of Oluwatunmise, Marleigh, Olivia and Carmen had got a taste of Championship relays in the 200m medley event two weeks earlier at Southend and so were raring to go for this weekend’s 200m freestyle relay. A great team effort at the end of Sunday morning led to a place on the podium with bronze medals for all four.

Going into the final Session, and following a team talk to focus on the positives from the weekend. The younger boys Jake Hare, Harry Mendel, Brandon Bryan-Waugh, Binu Wickremasinghe, Samuel Seyum and Sean Curley took to the blocks for the 14 and under 50m Freestyle. Five new PBs were recorded with Bryan-Waugh making the final in second place. Brandon then upped the ante to achieve a revised PB and take the gold by two tenths of a second. Of the eight youth and senior male swimmers in his 50m Breaststroke that followed, all were within a second of their PB. Jordan Shim made the final with a sneaky PB going on to smash his time to take 6th place.

Six junior Girls had qualified for the 50m Fly, and on the day they produced 5 PBs. Ellie Grant made it through to the 14 year final where she took silver with another individual best time.

In their final race of the Championships, the junior boys, Brandon, Harry and Sean all swam strong individual medleys. With another PB, Brandon took the 4th Place in the 10/11 years.

Finishing the events for the Youth and Senior lads was the 200m backstroke. Billy Parker and Samuel Kelly had solid swims, as did Jordan Shim who took eighth place in the 15 years category. Further PBs were achieved by Ryan Hutson (16) and Fraser Scott (17), who both took 5th Place. Daniel Lambert had a great swim achieving a 4 second PB, just missing 8th Place by 0.2 seconds


Ellie Grant led from the start to take the gold with a three second PB

The final heat event for the competition for the Junior Girls was the 200m freestyle. A nicely paced swim from Oluwatunmise led to a PB. Carmen and Marleigh were also in the same heat, with Marleigh swimming well and just outside her PB while Carmen took the bull by the horns with a 8 second PB and 8th place overall. Olivia Roberts was in the next heat equalling her PB. The final heat saw Ellie Grant lead from the start to take the gold with a three second PB.

City of Cambridge Short Course Meet 9-11 January 2015

Training for the squad has been full on including a full weekend of races at our home gala, which formed part of the training leading up to the Essex county championships. The following weekend saw a journey to Cambridge Parkside pools for a weekend of level two competition.

Session 1 Friday night

Swimming in the 400 FC were John JJ Davis along with Daniel Lambert and Manuel Nachev who were both just back from the Christmas break. Ellie Grant was the only female to swim the 400m freestyle.

JJ kicked off the first swim with a PB on the 400m pacing the 100s well. Manuel and Daniel started well but dropped off at the back end of their swims, as did Ellie Grant.

Session 2 and 3 Saturday

The girls opened the session with the 400m Individual Medley with Ellie Grant finishing second overall.

The boys’ 200m IM for was again opened up by JJ again who achieved a second PB. Jordan Shim took first place in the 15 year age group with Fraser Scott, and Nathan Leong just 1 second outside and one second inside their respective PBs. Dan Lambert and Jordan then had the 100m backstroke with both working well at the start and some awesome turns. Jordan came second in his age group.

Next up were the girls in the 100m butterfly with Lucy Harwood in one of her stronger events and Ellie in the lane next to her. Both girls took first place in their respective age groups. Following a short break, Fraser Scott and JJ took on the 400 Individual Medley, both lads swimming well and finishing within a second of their PBs. Lucy and Ellie were soon in action again, this time in the 200m Individual Medley with Lucy taking first place and Ellie second.

Later on Dan and Jordan stormed off to a good start in the 200m backstroke with much improved turns, Jordan taking second place in the 15 year age group. In the 100m breastroke, Ellie who has been working on changing her stroke took an honourable second in the 13 year age group. The 100 butterfly saw Nathan Leong and Manuel Nachev taking to the blocks. Manuel swam a strong race with the focus on the turn speed slashing two seconds off his PB. Nathan’s very deep start denied him second place.

A contingent of four Redbridge lads, JJ, Dan, Fraser and Nathan contested the 200m freestyle. All swam well and were just outside their PBs. For the final three events of the day, Lucy Harwood completed a hat trick of first place medals with a win in the 100m backstroke. Fraser finished second in the 100m breaststroke senior age group with Jordan achieving another second, both times being just outside their PBs. A tired Lucy Harwood found the energy to conclude the Saturday sessions with a fourth gold medal for the 200m butterfly.


The final day saw a trio of swimmers competing, Fraser, Manuel and Jordan. Fraser kicked things off with an improved breathing pattern contributing to a PB in the 50m freestyle. Manuel then stormed the start of the 100m Individual Medley taking 2 seconds off his PB. Jordan and Fraser also swam well with a first place place and a PB respectively. The final event for Redbridge was the 200m breaststroke where Fraser’s PB put him first place and saw a second place finish for Jordan.

Summary of medals
9 gold
9 silver
2 bronze
Well done all swimmers!

Essex Senior-Junior 2014

Harlow 221114

Rushmoor Royals Autumn Meet 251014 251014

Galas Pond Forge

Redbridge Regional Qualifer 041014 051014