Summer Holiday Swimming

The final term time session is on Sunday 22nd July at the Venue.

We start the summer holiday schedule (shown below) on Wednesday 25th July and this runs through to and including 2nd Sept.  Please note all sessions are at QE Boys and some of the session times are different to accommodate all squads into a reduced schedule.

Summer Term Swimming

We start the summer term the week beginning 16th April 2018 until Sunday 22nd July.

Friday's are changing for the Summer term - please note the slight changes in start and end times impacting all squads.

The following table shows the variety of junior and adult sessions that are available during term time as well as the number of lanes available for those sessions. The sub-menus under the 'Swim Groups' heading contain more information about each squad. Details of the locations can be found in the relevant sub-menu option under 'Swim Locations'

If you are not 100% sure about whether BPSC is for you we do offer two FREE taster sessions - please use the 'Contact Us' tab on the left to arrange.

To download a copy of the schedule click on the following link.