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Club Records


Club Championship Records                

This is the Club's historical records database which has individual age group records that can only be broken at the The Royals Autumn Open Meet (which doubles-up as our Club Championships for 50m-200m events) and at the Club Championship Distance Galas (400m Freestyle, 400m Individual Medley, 800m Freestyle (Female) and 1500m Freestyle (Male)).

Club Championship Records Broken in 2017

Club Championship Records Broken in 2018

Club Championship Records Broken in 2019

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, no Club Championships took place during 2020 so no Club Records are recorded for 2020.

Club Championship Records Broken in 2021

Club Records

These are individual age group records that can be achieved by a swimmer competing for the Club at any open meet that can provide electronic or paper results.  The meet has to be licensed for records to be recognised.  As the Junior Swimming League is unlicensed, no records can be broken at this event.  Individual swims at the National Arena League can qualify to break Club Records, so long as the event is licensed but individual relay legs cannot.  A Relay Team record can be broken as long as the whole event is licensed. 

Age Group Long Course Club Records (Ongoing) - currently being updated

Open Club Records

Short Course

- Boys Records up to 31/12/18

- Boys Records up to 31/12/17 

- Girls Records up to 31/12/18

- Girls Records up to 31/12/17

Long Course

Girls & Boys Records up to 23/3/17

Girls and Boys Records up to 31/12/18

Open Club Records record the fastest time per event, per gender regardless of age. The same rules as for Club Records apply.

These databases will also include Team Relay Records to acknowledge records broken as a Team.