Age Group Regional Performance Squad


TRAINING TIMETABLE – time already include 15 mins pre pool warm up and 10 mins post pool stretches



Pool Locations


5.20 – 7.10 am (morning)

East Ham Leisure Centre (please click here for map)


4.45 – 7.00 pm (pool session)

LAC Competition Pool (50m pool) (please click here for map)

7.05 – 7.30 pm (land session)


5.20 – 7.10 am (morning)

East Ham Leisure Centre

4.45 – 7.10 pm

LAC Competition Pool (50m pool)


5.15 – 7.30 pm (pool session)

LAC Competition Pool (50m pool)

7.35 – 8.20 pm (land session)


5.20 – 7.10 am (morning)

East Ham Leisure Centre

6.45 – 9.10 pm


5.50 – 7.40 am (morning)

LAC Competition Pool (50m pool)


6.50 – 8.40 am (morning)

LAC Competition Pool (50m pool)

MONTHLY FEE - £70 per month (15.5 hours)

Fees are calculated over the Swimming Year and then divided equally over 12 months.  When calculating the new fees, we have already taken into account summer shutdowns, a reduced time table during Christmas, Easter and part of the summer.  We try our best not to cancel any sessions, as these cannot be easily replaced, but sometimes this is outside of our control.  In such instances, we will notify everyone affected via email.  We will only contact you via text messages or phone calls in case of emergency.


  • 12 – 14 year olds at end of year (11 year olds are at coaches discretion)
  • Must hold either a RCT (Regional Consideration Time) or RQT (Regional Qualifying Time) obtained by 31st December 2019. However space permitting, swimmers that hold two times that are within 5% of RCT’s and are able to meet the training criteria, may be given the opportunity to train with the above squad at the coaches discretion but will be very closely monitored
  • Must attend 6 out of 9 sessions per week as a minimum
  • Must attend both land sessions available
  • Must be on poolside 15 minutes before sessions / competition warm up’s to complete a pre pool warm up (will be available on laminates at start of season)
  • Any swimmers arriving later than 10 minutes than the scheduled start time of each of the pool sessions will not be permitted to swim. Swimmers are required to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to complete a warm up landside (unless reason is communicated in ample time to the squad coach, prior to the session) and therefore any more than 10 minutes after scheduled start time means the swimmer would be 25 minutes late.
  • Must complete all sessions appropriately (from warm up to swim downs all member’s in this squad are to complete all of the sets specified to the best of their ability in relation to the set) – swimmers are to complete all sets, should they be identified as getting out in middle of sessions, this will be notified and cause for concern as to the swimmers suitability to the squad.
  • Must remain after session for 10 minutes, in order to complete sufficient post pool stretches.
  • Must attend all stated competitions specific to the squad - with a minimum of 7 external competitions, excluding County / Region / Club events which should also be swum within the season calendar 
  • Must hold all kit expected of the squad.
  • Must be able to hold 25 x 100’s of 1.35/1.45 as a minimum, age dependant 
  • Must be able to achieve 8m on under water phases of all strokes as a minimum
  • Must notify squad coach of any lengthy periods of missing practice due to injury/illness