LACACS & NEW Academy Squads



  • 7 – 11 years old at the end of the year


  • Must be able
    • To perform starts and turns to a suitable standard
    • To demonstrate an understanding of body position; breathing and timing for each stroke
    • To achieve 5m on under water phases of all strokes as a minimum



  • Must be on poolside 10 minutes before sessions/competition warm up’s to complete a pre-pool warm up


  • Must complete all sessions appropriately (from warm up to swim downs) to the best of their abilities. Should they be identified as getting out in the middle of sessions, this will be notified and cause for concerns as to the swimmer’s suitability to the squad.


  • Must remain after session for 10 minutes, to complete sufficient post pool stretches


  • Must attend all stated competitions specific to the squad – all Club run events (time trials/club champs/NUELSC invitational meets)


  • Must notify squad coach of any lengthy periods of missing practice due to injury/illness


  • Must hold all kit expected of the squad. (Kit list)



Newham Academy Squad -


LACACS Academy Squad -