Swimming Kit - TO BE UPDATED

For gala’s all swimmers must have:

  • Club T-Shirt (not a Jack Petchey T-shirt)
  • 2 x Goggles
  • 2 x Club hats
  • 2 x Warm up Costumes/Trunks (1 per session/per day)
  • 2 x Competition Costumes/Trunks (1 per session/per day) [Please note Competition Suits should be incredibly tight and should take approx. 30mins for Girls/Women to get on and 15-20mins for Boys/Men to get on. The suits should be like a second skin and should not have any ‘wrinkles’ when on. Tight fitting costumes or jammers will do]
  • Equipment needed for pre and post pool exercises
  • Food and drink appropriate for the activity {For Nutrition and Hydration information, on what to bring/have please see appropriate documents}


For training sessions, ALL swimmers must have:

  • 2 x Hats
  • 2 x Goggles
  • 2 x Costumes/Trunks
  • Pull Buoys
  • Kickboard
  • Fins - no need for technical fins - need to fit so they do not rub/ and need to be lightweight/ flexible - we do not recommend the speedo fins as they are incredibly heavy/ and not at all flexible


For training sessions, Regional and County performance squad swimmers only:

  • Snorkels (Training snorkel should sit in front of face and curl at head – not a standard snorkel) [& Nose clip for those that try to breathe through their nose when using their snorkel]
  • Finger/ hand Paddles - please ask coach for advice before purchasing
  • Drag shorts


Not essential for all squads – please check with your coach if you need the below: