Pool Practicals and Safety

Diving requires a certain seriousness and focus to avoid injuries. Lessons will be run in a fun and encouraging manner, however structure is key to run safe lessons. Unruly behaviour can be dangerous and disruptive to other divers therefore misbehaving children might be asked to leave the pool for the rest of the session. Repeatedly occurring disruptive behaviour may result in restricting the diver from taking further lessons.

After jumps or dives teachers will give instructions. Divers are required to listen and follow these instructions and should not question or argue with the teacher. Diving is a sport where courage is essential to come over one’s fear of heights, new or unusual movements or smacks (smacks are under or over rotating dives in which the diver painfully hits the water). Divers are only asked by the teacher to perform a jump or a dive if they have the ability to do so.

There are also a set of diving pool rules that if followed will minimize the risk of injury.  These will be pointed out to divers on various occasions but for reference the following set of rules provide the core of the safety regulations and we kindly ask you to inform your child about them.

For Divers:

  • We would like to encourage boys/men to wear well fitting trunks and girls/women to wear a one piece swimsuit. Bikinis, loose shorts, swimming caps and goggles are not allowed for practical and safety reasons. All jewellery needs to be removed before class. Also, divers with long hair are required to tie their hair in a ponytail or braid as loose hair may get caught.
  • Please arrive on time. Children should go to the toilet and should not eat before class.
  • Inform the coach of any injury or illness even if it seems like it will not affect the lesson. It is very important that the coach is aware of everything for the wellbeing of every diver in the group.
  • Only one person should be on the boards at all times (except when the teacher helps the diver). Divers should not talk to or distract each other while on the board.
  • Before diving or jumping in the water the diver always needs to check if the water is clear (e.g. the previous diver has cleared off).
  • Swimming directions: for the 1m and 3m boards divers swim to the closest ladder on the poolside while for the 5m platform divers need to swim to the poolside under the platform and then to one of the ladders along the side of the pool.
  • If climbing down the stairs from the 3m and 5m boards for any reason, divers need to face the stairs and hold on with both hands. The stairs are steep and can be slippery so taking extra care is needed while climbing down.
  • After each jump or dive divers need to swim to the surface quickly and look at the teacher to get advice and instructions on their dive.

For Parents:

  • Parents are kindly asked to sit on the visitor’s balcony opposite to the diving pool.
  • Please do not distract your child during lessons as loss of focus may lead to accidents.
  • Children under the age of 7 have to be escorted to and from the diving lessons so we ask the parents of these children to be prompt when picking children up at the end of the lessons.