Committee - Officers of the Club


Squads Reps

  • Pre - Development - Lee Donaldson -  Job Descriptions Squad Rep 
  • Development - 1 Sinead Daneshvar -  Job Descriptions Squad Rep 
  • Development - 2 Diletta Neri - Job Descriptions Squad Rep 
  • Junior Performance 1 - Eloise Hill - Job Descriptions Squad Rep 
  • Junior 2 & Senior Performance - Arabella Stewart-Liddon  -  Job Descriptions Squad Rep 
  • Junior Development / Fitness - Samantha Barney -  Job Descriptions Squad Rep
  • Senior Development / Fitness - Giles Cunningham -  Job Descriptions Squad Rep  

Other Volunteer Roles



The club is managed by a small committee of volunteers.

Duties of Officers

For a full description of the Committee and other roles, please refer to the relevant job descriptions. An outline of the duties of the Officers of the Club can be found here. With agreement of the Committee specific duties may be delegated to other members, though any duties that are so delegated remain the overall responsibility of the relevant member of the Committee, including reporting to the Committee and general meetings.