Getting The Most Out Of Your Lessons At Aquajets Swim School


Having the right goggles can make the world of difference to your child’s swimming experience. Children cannot learn to swim properly until they can put their face in the water and to do that we need goggles that will not leak.

What you want are molded one piece goggles i.e. the bridge/nose section is to be fixed not adjustable. The eye sockets are to have a good one piece protection as part of the main goggle not detachable – detachable will leak. Finally the strap is to be a split one piece strap – so the strap has one attachment either side of the goggle but splits at the back of the head into two to give better hold.

Both Zoggs and Speedo produce this type of goggle for different age groups so be careful of the size you buy – see below for size guide.

Age 2-6 years old

Zoggs Little Super Seal

Speedo Skoogle

Age 6-14 years old

Zoggs Super Seal

Zoggs Demon

Zoggs Phantom

Speedo Junior Futura

All the goggles above can be purchased here.

All children in all classes should attempt to have the correct goggles for their lesson it will improve their learn experience and prevent discomfort caused by goggles that leak.


Required Equipment For Development & Youth Club Sessions

Once your child moves onto learning stroke we require them to come to swimming with the following kit to get the most out of their swimming class.


Finis Alignment Board

This board is used to correct the swimmers position in the water – it is ideal for teaching streamline and is often used in conjunction with a snorkel to develop correct position for front crawl before rotational head breathing is taught.

Purchased here.


Slazenger Short Fins

These fins are ideal for children’s swimming – do not buy expensive makes of fins like Speedo – Maru – Arena – they are too heavy for the children.

We need fins to improve the body position of the child in the water while they develop the strength and endurance to learn the correct technique.

Purchased here.



Now unfortunately we recommend one of the most expensive snorkels on the market, Michael Phelps Snorkel.

Make sure you buy a junior size if your child is under ten years old.

There are other junior snorkels out there, Finis do one and it is cheaper, but there are two fundamental differences.

The Phelps snorkel is triangular in shape which means is position on the head is fixed – it cannot rotate and move about or come out of position.

The mouth piece is like a mouth guard as opposed to the Finis snorkel which requires the child to bite onto side pieces – it is just easier and more comfortable to use.

Your choice of snorkel will be a budget choice.

Purchased here. (9 & under)

Purchased here. (10 & over)