Gala Attendance Rules

The Club and Coaches expect all swimmers to attend galas fully prepared.

To help the swimmers prepare and be ready to perform to the best of their ability list below is the Club's advice to all swimmers and parents attending competition.

The Things You Must Do

Get a good night's rest the night before you race - make sure you eat well and are well hydrated.

Arriving at the gala - if the gala is out of the area it is best to arrive the night before you are to race to get a good nights rest - traveling to galas early in the morning ie 5-6am and expecting swimmers to be ready and in the pool for a 8am warmup is expecting too much - performance needs proper rest and planning.

Be on poolside at least 15 mins before the warmup is due to start

While on the poolside all swimmers are responsibility of the coach present

Swimmers must always speak to the coach before and after they race - it is not the coaches role to go looking for swimmers - the swimmer must present themselves to the coach before it is time to go to marshaling and again after they have raced. If the coach is busy with another swimmer or watching a race then the swimmers must wait for the coach to be free.

Swimmers must not leave the poolside area without the permission of the coach

Swimmers must behave in a supportive manner to all their team mates at all times 

What you must bring with you

Two pairs of goggles

Two swimming costumes (they do not have to be the latest high tech material they just need to be tight)

Two towels

Two hats (one must be a club hat)

A club T shirt to be worn poolside

Kick board (to be used in warmup)

Snacks and a bottle of water (no fizzy or energy drinks)

A list of your swims that you will be doing that day, in the order you will be doing them, this list should include the event, your entry time, your goal time and the relevant championship time - ie if you are aiming for County, Regional or National you should know they time you are aiming for - all swimmers will be asked to show this information to the coach when discussing their racing on the day.


Finally enjoy the race and perform to the best of your ability on the day