Our Vision & Philosophy

Our Vision

We develop athletes in order to reach their full potential. We create well rounded young adults who are independent intelligent thinkers, that can stand on the starting blocks on the big stage under pressure, and deliver life time bests.

The way in which the stroke or race is swam are held in much more regard than to swim reliant on strength and power.

How do we do this?

Educate the swimmers in how to conduct themselves as athletes, inside and outside of the pool in areas such as lifestyle, nutrition, prehabilitation and recovery.

Create awareness in stroke technique through the use of video analysis and partner assisted coaching.

Intelligent problem solving swimmers can only be developed by allowing the athlete to seek the answer to problems through the use of techniques, such as effective questioning and guided discovery.

Athletes that have been part of this process of improving are more likely to be self-motivated through times of tough training or slow progression.

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