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Your Voice


Your Voice


We want all our members and their parents to feel that they can have their voice heard within the Club and raise concerns or queries. To do so we ask that you follow this escalation process:


  • For anything swim related such as schedules, behaviour, training, meets, etc always contact your child’s coach in the first instance. It is best to contact your child’s coach to book a meeting time; please do not try to discuss items poolside while the coaches are working.
  • Contact the Head Coach if your child’s coach is unable to assist you.
  • Contact the Club’s Team Manager regarding squad related issues and the Business Manager for any financial / account enquiries during office hours. 
  • Contact the relevant Club Committee member. For example, if you have concerns regarding your child’s welfare, contact the Club’s Welfare Officer. A full list of Committee members and positions is available on the Club website.
  • If you feel the Club or a member of the Club is acting inappropriately with regard to the ASA/ Club rules, and you have already raised the issue all of the above parties, you can pursue further by contacting the Club Chairperson.
  • Should you at this point still be dissatisfied, you can make a complaint on behalf of your child to the ASA. Details of how to do this are in the ASA Handbook, a copy of which can be read and downloaded from the ASA British Swimming website