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Competitive Groups

The competitive side of the Club is divided into groups. There are criteria for each group and swimmers will move through the different stages of the LTAD as they progress through. Coaches decide on which is the most appropriate group for you to train in by looking at your current training ability, your potential, your attendance, and your attitude to training. Swimmers may be moved from one group to another during the swimming year (Sep-Aug). If you change groups you will need to amend your standing order for your training fee - please speak to the Membership Secretary or Treasurer if you need advice. You will see that each group has a set of criteria - you must meet these criteria to stay in the group or have approval if there is a valid reason why you cannot do so.

Group Criteria

All movements from one group to another are based on the overall capabilities of the swimmer. The performance of the swimmer, his or her ability to train, attendance, attitude and technique are also very important factors to consider. Chronological age and peer groups are factors considered but not necessarily the primary ones. There can be massive differences developmental and chronological ages.