The History of Beckenham Swimming Club

Beckenham Swimming Club was founded in 1893 and in 1977 joined with Beckenham Ladies to form what is currently known as Beckenham Swimming Club.

Beckenham Swimming Club has a head coach, who along with several of our younger swimmers is on the British Swimming World Class Programme. Beckenham Swimming Club has a proud record of Olympic and International representatives, for example Duncan Goodhew, Zara Long and Margaret Hohmann to name a few. 

Beckenham Swimming Club has swimmers who have had success in the Commonwealth Games, European Championships and Olympic Games. Beckenham Swimming Club has numerous champions at National and local levels.

Beckenham Swimming Club has a membership of around 400 members. Beckenham Swimming Club has a successful Water Polo Section that boasts a strong history of producing England and GB Internationals at all levels. 

Beckenham Swimming Club has a thriving Masters Section for adults which boast achievements at National level.

The history of Beckenham Swimming Club by Prof. J. M. Cameron published in 1993 for the club's centenary year can be viewed on this webpage (below) where it is hoped readers will be inspired by the good that the club has achieved over its 100 year history and look forward to the future with confidence.


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Documents from Beckenham Swimming Club's past


Thanks to Mr Hollyoak and Colin Kirkwood for these BSC Programmes from just post World War II:


A Splashdown newsletter from the 80's: 



The Splash Newsletters courtesy of Anne Denny:



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Biographies of Beckenham SC Olympic swimmers