Easter Open Meet 2018
125th Anniversary
Easter International Open Meet 2018

Licence Level 1 - 1LR180255
Hi everyone

What an amazing weekend! Thank you to all the Clubs that attended, from near or far - we really appreciated your support. 

The results have already been uploaded on Rankings but please click on the links below to access the .pdf files.
Results - Session 1 (Events 1-2)
Results - Session 2 (Events 3-7)
Results - Session 3 (Events 8-12)
Results - Session 4 (Events 13-17)
Results - Session 5 (Events 18-22)
Results - Session 6 (Events 23-27)
Results - Session 7 (Events 28-32)
If anyone wishes to have a Lenex or SDIF version, please email me.

For those clubs waiting on refunds, we hope to have these processed by the end of this week.

With kind regards
Lindsey Davison
Open Meets Secretary, Beckenham SC