The squad pathway is shown above and movement throughout the squads are based on merit.  Please see each Squad Information Sheet for more information on the coach,  training times, equipment required and the squad rep contact details.  Note: These are currently being updated and aren't fully completed.

Aims and objectives by squad

Tadpoles I

Tadpoles II

Development 1 | This is the entry point for our younger swimmers into the club. 

Development 2 | The development squads aim to teach the basic skills that will form a good basis for a competitive swimming career.  

Blue | Concentrating on stroke work and drills, building up stamina. Learning sprint work, relays and individual medleys. 

Bronze | Building on from the techniques developed in Blue Squad, both stroke development together and motor skills are developed further.  

White Squad 1 | For those who love to swim but don't necessarily want to swim competitively 

Silver | Building upon technique, this squad develops stamina and endurance to increase times ready for gala entry

White Squad 2 | Working on stroke technique, starts, nishes, using a swimming clock, being aware of timing, learning to swim given sets and understanding lane etiquette. 


Gold | Using both stamina and skills sessions working towards County times to enable swimmers to compete at County level.  Team events such as the Kent Junior League (JKL) will also take place and teams will be chosen on merit.


Junior Top |

Top SquadTrain the energy systems. Increasing the sessions and meterage. Working on im- proving technique, advanced skills and drills. Working on race pace work and introducing anaerobic through to advanced sets.