Minnows & Tadpoles (Age 4-6 years)

Coach - Luke Gunning & Ellen

Squad RepEmily Absolom


  • Ability to swim 10 meters freestyle & backstroke
  • Demonstrate dolphin kick minimum 5 meters
  • Show an interest in swimming
  • Ability to listen to learn


​​All moves including bridging are discussed and made by the coaches in the best interest of the swimmer's development and ability to progress.

As all children develop at different rates our coaches make each move on an individual basis and in the best interest of the swimmer.

The squad coaches consult with the Head Coach on all moves and the Head Coaches decision is final.


Training Session

Friday | Beckenham Spa - Training pool | 7.00 - 7.30 pm



Spare goggles, water bottle, Beckenham swim-hat.  All equipment should be clearly named.