Getting Involved

The swimming club cannot run without all the volunteers who help out in many different ways. From signing swimmers in at Gala's to running our social aspects all are done by our wonderful parents!

How can you become involved?


We host Gala's throughout the year and our own Club Champs that take place over several Mondays from September to December.  We are always looking for volunteers at these Gala's to ensure they run smoothly and give swimmers the best chance of getting recognized ASA times. 

To ensure the Gala's are licensed and times can be registered we need a certain number of Judges.   The first step is to become a J1 Judge - it's a simple process and will really make a difference to our Club. See below for details.

You don't need to be qualified as an official to help out, there are lots of other jobs!  Speak to your Squad Rep and they can put you in touch with the relevant people.

How to become an ASA Official

The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) is our governing body. They define the rules for us in the UK and this is done in conjunction with British Swimming and FINA, the world governing body.

The ASA set the standard for UK officials and they fall into 4 basic levels: J1; J2; J2S; and Referee. As a newbie you would be looking to pass at J1 level. It takes about 6 months and combines 3 classroom sessions of 2 hours (usually run at the Spa), a series of mentored sessions at club events which need to be signed off (this is what takes the time) and then an assessed session at an event where you are asked questions relating to the J1 role. It's all very reasonable and does not cost you anything other than time and travel. 

The next scheduled training sessions

Below sets out the next training for J1 & J2 judges.  If you would like to train please contact David Ziwa: officials@beckenhamswimmingclub.com

27th Sept 2018  |  J1 session 2 

22nd Nov 2018  |  J1 session 3
18th Oct 2018    | J2 Session 1
13th Dec 2018    | J2S Session 1


Useful Officials Documentation

J1 Workbook

J2 Workbook

ASA Site

Kent ASA Site