Joining COAST

There are at least two routes to joining COAST.  First, your swimmer is a member of one the constituent clubs and COAST is the next step in your swimmer's progress.  Second, you are new to Aberdeen (either as a family or as a student living away from your family).  If the latter applies to you then the first contact you need to make is with the coaching staff to arrange a trial.

Once you/your swimmer get a date to start swimming with COAST please can you:

  1. Please contact our kit manager to obtain kit.  Sometimes we need to order kit and this may take 2-3 months

  2. Please contact our treasurer (link to treasurer email) to arrange a pass to enter the changing rooms and set up direct debits

  3. Please send a message to the “contact us” button on the web site so that you can get registered – this is how COAST contact athletes about meetings