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Meet Reports

2017 - 2018 Long Course Season

March 2018 Beckenham Easter International Open - CWSC Results

March 2018 Rushmoor L1 Spring National Qualifier Meet - CWSC Results

March 2018 Wycombe Premier Meet - CWSC Results

2017-2018 Short Course Season

March 2018 Middlesex Development Meet - CWSC Results

March 2018 Latymer Time Trials - CWSC Results

March 2018 FFN Golden Lanes with Team Middlesex- CWSC Results

Feb. 2018 Ealing Regional Qualifiers- CWSC Results

Feb. 2018 Team Bath Open Meet at Bristol- CWSC Results

Jan/Feb 2018 Middlesex Age Group County Champs- CWSC Results

Jan. 2018 Middlesex Youth County Champs- CWSC Results

Jan. 2018 Flanders Cup International Meet- CWSC Results

Dec. 2017 Hillingdon Winter Open Meet- CWSC Results

Dec. 2017 National Arena League London Premier Division Final- CWSC Results

Dec. 2017 Ealing Xmas Meet- CWSC Sr. Perf Results

Nov. 2017 BSC Winter Club Champs- CWSC Sr. Perf Results

Nov. 2017 National Arena League London Rnd 2- CWSC Sr. Perf Results

Nov. 2017 London Region Winter Champs- CWSC Results

Oct. 2017 County Distance Development Meet- CWSC Results

Oct. 2017 Lincoln Vulcans Open Meet- CWSC Results

Oct. 2017 Cambridge Grand Prix- CWSC Results

2016 - 2017 Long Course Season

August 2017 English Summer Champs- CWSC Results

July 2017 British Summer Champs- CWSC Results

July 2017 RTSC End of Season Meet at LAC- CWSC Results

July 2017 BWFSC Level 3 at the LAC- CWSC Results

June 2017 Hillingdon Summer Open Meet- CWSC Results

June 2017 Crawley Summer Splash- CWSC Results

May 2017 London May Open Meet- CWSC Results

May 2017 London Region Age Group Champs- Full CWSC Results

May 2017 Basildon Open Level 1 Meet- CWSC Results

April 2017 London Region Youth Championships- CWSC Results

April 2017 Middlesex Spring Development- CWSC Results

April 2017 National B Final, Arena League 2016/2017- CWSC Results

March 2017 Middlesex Level 1 Open at the LAC- CWSC Results 

March 2017 ESSA Inter-Divisional Champs- CWSC Results

March 2017 Wycombe LC Premier Meet- CWSC Results

Feb 2017 Ealing Level 3 Open Meet- CWSC Results

Jan/Feb 2017 Middlesex County Age Group Champs- Full CWSC Results

Jan 2017 Burns Open Meet- CWSC Results

Jan 2017 London Swimming Amiens Meet- CWSC Results

2016-2017 Short Course Season

Dec 2016 Basildon Level 3 Winter Meet- CWSC Results

Dec 2016 Hillingdon Winter Meet- CWSC Results

Dec 2016 ASA Winter Championships- CWSC Results

Dec 2016 National Arena League London Premier Division Final- CWSC Results

Dec 2016 Ealing Xmas Open Meet- CWSC Results

Nov 2016 Aqua Sulis Grand Prix at Bristol- CWSC Results

Nov 2016 Hoddesdon Open Meet- CWSC Results

Nov 2016 CWSC Meet at the KLC- All Results

Nov 2016 National Arena League Rnd 2 London Premier Division- CWSC Results

Nov 2016 London Winter Champs- CWSC Results

Oct 2016 Basildon Sprints- CWSC Results

Oct 2016 National Arena League Rnd 1 London Premier Division- CWSC Results

Oct 2016 Winter County Development Meet- CWSC Results

Oct 2016 Barnet Novices- CWSC Results

Oct 2016 Cambridge Grand Prix- CWSC Results

2015-2016 Long Course Season

July 2016 ASA English Summer Meet- CWSC Results

July 216 British Summer Championships- CWSC Results

July 2016 Irish Age Groups and Summer Open Meet- CWSC Results

July 2016 BWFSC Summer Meet at the LAC- CWSC Results

June 2016 TD Open Meet at Bristol- CWSC Results

May 2016 London Last Chance National Qualifier- CWSC Results

May 2016 Middlesex Long Course Open Meet- CWSC Results

May 2016 London AG Championships- Full CWSC Results

April 2016 LSSA Championships- CWSC Results

April 2016 Middlesex County Spring Development Meet- CWSC Results

April 2016 Cambridge Open Meet- CWSC Results

April 2016 London Youth Region Champs- CWSC Results 

March 2016 Rushmoor Open Meet- CWSC Results

March 2016 Southampton Open Meet- CWSC Results

February 2016 Ealing Open Meet- CWSC Results

February 2016 Derventio Excel Open Meet- CWSC Results

January 2016 Middlesex County Championships- Results for all sessions

2015-2016 Short Course Season

December 2015 ASA Winter Nationals Championships- CWSC Results

December 2015 Hillingdon Xmas Meet- CWSC Results

December 2015 Basildon Xmas Meet- CWSC Results

December 12th, 2015 Arena League London Premier Division Final- CWSC Results

December 5th, 2015 Crawley Xmas Gala- CWSC Results

November 29th, 2015 CWSC Club Gala- CWSC Results

November 2015 Leicester Open Meet- CWSC Results

November 2015 National Arena League Round 2- CWSC Results (3rd place)

Nov 2015 London Region Winter Champs- CWSC Results

Oct/Nov 2015 Ealing Halloween Open Meet- CWSC Results

October 2015 Luton Open Meet- CWSC Results

October 2015 Cambridge Grand Prix- CWSC Results

October 2015 Middlesex County Development- CWSC Results

October 2015 National Arena League Round 1- CWSC Results (3rd place)


Summer 2015 Competitions

June 2015 Darmstadt International Meet- CWSC Results

July 2015 Hatfield Summer Spectacular- CWSC Results

July 2015 Luton 2 Fast 2 Furious- CWSC Results

British Swimming 2015 Summer Championships- CWSC Results

2015 ASA English Summer Championships- CWSC Results