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Meet Results

Swim Meet Results 2018

Beckenham Open
Session 1 Session 5
Session 2 Session 6
Session 3 Session 7
Session 4 ESC Results
Harrow Regional Qualifier Results
ESC Feb Regional Qualifier Results
Middx CountyYouth Championships Results
Middx County Age Group Championships

Swim Meet Results 2017

Middx Winter (Long Distance) Development Meet Session 1 & 2 Results
Cambridge Grand Prix
Session 1 Session 2
Session 3 Session 4
Session 5 Session 6
Session 7 ESC Results
Maurice and Daphne Open
Kate Lack Meet Results
London Region Open Results
London Region Age Group Championships
Luton May Meet ESC Results
London Region Youth Championships
British Swimming Championships Results
National ARENA League Final Full Results
Middx Spring Development Meet
Hatfield Regional Qualifyer ESC Results
Middx Open (Youth)
ESC February Last Chance County Qualifier Full Results
Middx County Age Group Championships

Swim Meet Results 2016

ARENA League Round 2 Results
London Swimming Winter Championships
Hillingdon Autumn Meet Results
Middx Winter Development
ARENA League Round 1 Results
Cambridge Grand Prix
ESC v SVO Borghorst Results
ASA National Summer Championships Results
British Summer Championships Results
Black Swan Results
Hatfield Jubilee Results
London Region Last Chance Time Trial
London Region Age Group Championships Results
MCASA Spring Development Meet Results
London Region Summer Youth Championships Results
ARENA League Finals Results
Rushmoor Royal National Qualifier
Potters Bar Spring Open
Wycombe Inaugural Meet Results
ESC L3 Open Results
Amiens Internation Meet - 5th - 7th February Results
Derventio eXcel February Fest - 5th - 7th February
ESC Results
MCASA County Championship


Swim Meet Results 2015

MCASA Winter Development Meet Results
Cambridge L2 Results
MCASA Long Course Open Results
ESC L3 Open
Session 1 Session 4
Session 2 Session 5
Session 3 Session 6
MCASA Spring Development Meet Results
Acton House House Championships Results
The Hague Gold Series Grand Prix 2015 Results
Hatfield Jan County Qualifer Results
MCASA Age Groups & Youth County Championships
Week 1
Week 2
Full Results
Week 3


Swim Meet Results 2014

Swim Wales Short Course Championships Results
Hillingdon Winter Short Course
London Swimming Winter Championships Results
Hatfield Open Results
Guildford Open Results
Ealing November L3 Open Results
MCASA Winter Development meet Results
MCASA Long Course Championships Results
London Region Youth Championship Results
British Championship Glasgow Results
ESSA Results
MCASA Development Spring Meet Full results
ESC February Open February L3 Open Full Results

Swim Meet Results 2013

Hillingdon L1 Open
London Region Winter Championships
Ealing Christmas Cracker Results 2013
Luton Long Course 2013
MCASA Winter Development Meet 2013
Ealing L3 November Open 2013
The Inaugural London Open Water 2013
ESC Summer Splash
London Region BAGCAT Championship
London Region Youth Championship
Bexley Open 2013
ESC L3 Open
Windsor L2 Open
Full Results: Day 1, Day 2
Exeter Meet - 12th & 13th January 2013
Full Results: Day 1; Day 2; Day 3
Luton Open - 17th & 18th November 2012
MCASA Winter Development Meet - 17th & 18th November 2012
Ealing November Development Meet 3rd & 4th November 2012
James Mareno Gala - 21st October 2012
MCASA Short Course Championships - 6th & 7th October 2012
Borghurst Germany Gala - 25-26 August 2012