Swimmers' Corner

This page is written by our swimmers for our swimmers! Check back often to find articles and interviews to give you an insight into how swimmers train, what they focus on and many useful tips to help you!

You can find the latest Swimmer Interviews below, with Performance Swimmer George Manser on the changes he is making this season, and Regional Age Swimmer Millie Jones about her Scottish Nationals experiences.

George Manser - April 2017

Millie Jones - May 2017


After a slight hiatus, we are pleased to announce that the swimmers corner is back with two exciting new interviews. Check below for insight on Performance Swimmer Billy Martin, and for what makes Coach Marc tick!

Billy Martin - November 2016

Marc Butcher - December 2016


Jess and Louise's fourth interview featured Abbie Haward, They were joined by Lottie Pond and Aisling Merrison. Thanks to all for this write up.

Abbie Haward - June 2015


Here is our most recent interview; all about our Head Coach, Lisa Atkinson! Thanks to Louise and Jess for the write up, and Harry, Ruth, John and Sam for helping with the questions:

Lisa Atkinson - March 2015


Our second article, written by interviewers Louise Nichols and Jess Trueman about interviewee Ruth Bridgman's achievements at the County Championships can be found below:

Ruth Bridgman - February 2015


Our initial article, written by interviewer Louise Nichols about interviewee Harry Maishman's experience at the recent Level 2 England Talent Camp, can be found below:

Harry Maishman - January 2015