Competition Squad (Buckingham)

Youth Competition Squad (Buckingham Site Only)

This squad is for swimmers too old for our Junior Development or Age Group squads in Buckingham but who are still wanting to be Competitive Swimmers and progress within the sport. Training will be challenging while still working on the skills and techniques required to succeed.

This squad is also designed for those who can’t/don’t meet the requirements of the National Squad and the Youth Sprint Squad based in Aylesbury but would still like to train and be competitive. It may be that the Buckingham site works better for you based on where you live, or that the reduced hours work better for your time constraints.

Aims –

·        High Level Regional and County success.

·        To develop training and competition skills.

·        To educate swimmers on time management, healthy lifestyles, and competition protocols.

·        To increase stability, strength and control through more challenging land training.

Criteria –

·        Minimum attendance of 60%.

·        Swimmers will be capable of achieving County/Regional standard.

·        Swimmers will have advanced stroke technique and effective turns in all four strokes.

·        Swimmers will be able to perform a 400 IM under ASA laws.

·        Training is structured to achieve the above aims and a high level of discipline is expected.

Competitions –

·        Counties / Regionals

·        Various Open Meets

·        Team Competitions, e.g. ARENA League

Training –

·        Swimmers will show dedication to improving their swimming skills, to include starts, turns, finishes, underwaters, breakouts and efficiency, especially:

o   No breath on last stroke and first two strokes every wall.

o   Minimum of 6 FAST kicks u/w every wall.

o   All turns completed with a fast rotation and no gliding in on last stroke.

Swimmers will be able to complete a 200m timed kick in under 4 minutes.