Junior Development Squad

Junior Development Squad

Aims –

·        To reach County standard.

·        To increase the standard of swimming skills and introduce training protocols such as using a pace clock and training set styles.

·        To develop flexibility, stability and control through land training.

Criteria –

·        Minimum attendance of 75%.

·        Swimmers will be 8-12 in the year of competition and show potential to become County qualifiers in a wide range of events.

·        Swimmers will have the basics of solid stroke technique in all four strokes.

·        Swimmers will be able to perform a 100 IM under ASA laws.

Competitions –

·        Counties

·        Various Open Meets

·        Own Club Competitions, e.g. Splash Gala Series

·        Team Competitions, e.g. MKJL, ARENA League

Training –

·        Swimmers will show dedication to improving their swimming skills, to include starts, turns, finishes, underwaters, breakouts and efficiency, especially:

o   No breath on last stroke and first stroke every wall.

o   Minimum of 3 FAST kicks u/w every wall.

o   Attempts to complete all turns legally.

·        Swimmers will be able to complete a 200m timed kick in under 5 minutes and a set of 4 x 100 kick on 2.45.