Credit/Debit Cards : How to set up

As shown in the diagrams below, please log on to the Club’s website, www.maxwellswimclub.org and then

1. Click on My Account

2. Then Setup Auto Pay

3. Click the Add New Card button    (Apologies but we can't accept AMEX)          

4. Enter your information and click Save Payment Setup 


You are now ready to pay electronically!   But......

Please check that the circles are marked as shown in the diagram below.  This is so that only "ad hoc" charges are made to your card (e.g. for meet entries and to settle your account balance each month).  Your Standing Orders for Squad Fees are classed as "Mail / Manual Payments", so please mark the circle next to the envelope for those as shown below (ignoring the US reference to Checks and Cash!).  Thank you.


Please refer to: Credit/Debit Card payments - FAQs for further details, and please remember to set up a bank standing order on the first of each month for monthly squad fees