Academy (Bronze)

Bronze Academies

Maxwell have close links with Everyone Active’s ‘Club Link’ Bronze Academies. These Academies run at Aqua Vale on a Tuesday and at Swan Pool on a Wednesday. The club are actively involved in coaching these sessions and regularly observing the lessons at both sites to identify swimmers who might have an aptitude for competitive swimming.

Maxwell also run their own Bronze Academy at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, and this Academy has strong links with local private swim schools.

These academies are there to add to the swimmers normal swim lessons (Stage 5+), and will improve the competitive skills of the swimmers so that they are ready to progress into the club.

Training will follow a structured programme under the direction of the Head Coach and the Lead Academy Coach.

Aims –

·        To develop competitive skills.

·        To increase the standard of swimming skills and stroke techniques.

·        To introduce swimming training.

·        To introduce land training for swimming development.

Criteria –

·        Swimmers will be 6-11 in the year of competition and show a desire to become competitive swimmers.

·        Swimmers will have the basics of stroke technique in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.

·        Swimmers will be able to complete 25m kick of each stroke.

·        As swimmers progress through the academy (Bronze-Silver, Silver-Gold, Gold-Platinum), they will be expected to maintain skills and techniques learnt in their previous squad.

Competitions –

·        Swimmers will be invited to compete at the club’s development gala series, the Splash Gala Series

Training –

·        Swimmers will be coachable and show a willingness to take direction from the coach.

·        Swimmers will be expected to increase their ability to streamline, complete underwater work and demonstrate legal turns as they progress through the academies.

·        Swimmers will learn lane etiquette and training protocols.