Competitive Age

For Age Group swimmers (up to 12yr).  The main focus is to increase stamina and endurance whilst maintaining stroke technique along with starts, turns and finishing skills – noting that increasing stamina requires a greater time commitment to training. 

Stroke technique is good, and swimmers are aiming to maintain technique over greater distances.  Skills for starts, turns, and finishes are good and efficient, but not consistently repeatable.  Swimmers in this squad are aiming to achieve 7.5m underwater with an efficient and streamlined transition.

The focus remains on training, but swimmers will begin to have specific targets for competitions.  Hence swimmers would need to compete in target galas throughout the year.  This will include relevant Norfolk ASA competitions, along with Club galas and Level 2 or 3 Open Meets.

Lead Coaches: Stewart Park & James Russen


Competitive Age swimmers are expected to:

  • Be on poolside at least 10 minutes before the session to complete an efficient land warm up and be briefed before the session.
  • Regularly review their goals and objectives
  • Take responsibility for their own training and development
  • Be 100% committed in every training session
  • Bring their own goggles, kick board, pull buoy, water bottle, fins, paddles, and Norwich Swan hat (all available from the Club Shop) to training sessions


Swimmers will be transitioning from “Stage 2: SwimSkills” to “Stage 3: Training To Train” of the Long Term Athlete Development Programme as they progress.

A greater time commitment to training is required to increase stamina, and hence it is recommended that you attend 4-5 sessions per week, along with a land training session.

Training becomes more specialised, but participation in other complementary sports will still be useful – especially if that sport promotes aerobic conditioning.

CA Squad Training Times 

Day Time Location Coach
Monday (AM) 6:00-7:30am Hewett Stewart Park
Monday 7:00-8:00pm Riverside James Russen
Tuesday 8:00-9:00pm Hewett Tina Bedder
Wednesday 7:15-8:45pm​ Wymondham​ James Russen​
Thursday 6:30-7:30pm Hewett Stewart Park/Adam Crafer
Friday (AM) 5:30-7:00am​ UEA Sportspark (LC) Stewart Park / Nikki Merrill
Friday 7:30-9:00pm Wymondham    James Russen  
Sunday 6:00-7:00pm UEA Sportspark (LC) James Russen

Land Training

Day Time Location Coach
Tuesday 7:00-8:00 Hewett Rui Rodrigues
Thursday tbc Hewett tbc
Friday 6:50-7:20pm Wymondham Rui Rodrigues


Performance Reviews
Performance reviews will be carried out every six months to monitor swimmers’ progress.  Swimmers who are not meeting the criteria and expectations for the squad will be informed of this, and have a further three months to reach the required standard.  If swimmers are still not meeting the squad’s criteria after the three months, they will be moved to a more appropriate squad for their abilities and ambitions.

Squad Fees

  • £47 per month
  • Annual fees - £35 per year (or £56 for families) for membership and insurance (payable in January or upon joining club)
  • Each additional child in the family gets 20% discount on the lowest monthly squad fee. (The discount only applies to children in Squads not Learn to Swim)
  • Monthly fee covers all squad sessions (including land training)


Payments are due on the 1st of each month. Please set up auto pay by registering a credit or debit card against your account.  Fees on your account will then be automatically billed to your card on the 1st of each month.