Norwich Swan kit

Norwich Swan kit

The ordering window for Norwich Swan Kit is currently open.  Please note that you need to be fully logged into the Swan website to be able to access the kit shop. If you haven't purchased kit before you will need to set up an account once in the shop to be able to see the prices and place your order.

Delivery from the latest order window will be before Christmas.  If you wish to buy kit for Christmas presents, you will need to order in this window.  The order window closes at midnight on Monday 8th October, we cannot take orders after this deadline.

The club contact for kit is Helen Smith.  Any queries please email or catch Helen poolside.

If you have any queries on orders please contact Zeon directly:

Or call on :

01709 789590

Swan Swimming Hats

-       Unnamed - £5 each

-       Named - £13 for 2 (there is a minimum order of 2 hats)

Named swimming hats are ordered approx 4 times per year. The ordering period for named hats is currently closed but we do have unnamed hats available all year round, please contact Helen Smith if you would like to purchase one.





​Any purchases made from ProSimwear using this link will raise funds for our club