Norwich Swan kit

Norwich Swan kit

The ordering window for Norwich Swan Kit is currently closed.

The Club Kit order windows for 2019 are planned to be as follows:

28th Jan - 17th February for delivery mid April - order currently pending delivery

17th June - 14th July for delivery mid September
1st October - 20th October for a pre-Christmas delivery.

The club contact for kit is Helen Smith: she will receive the bulk club order and you will then need to collect your items from her, usually at one of the pools her swimmers are training at.  Kit is not given out by coaches.  Details of where you can collect from will be given when you are notified we have received the delivery. Prompt collection is appreciated.

Any queries please email Helen Smith or catch her poolside.

If you have any queries on orders please contact Zeon directly:

Or call on :

01709 789590

Swan Swimming Hats

-       Unnamed - £5 each

-       Named - £6.50 each (please note that there is a minimum order of 2 hats for Squad swimmers, Learn to Swim can order one, or more should they wish)

The ordering period for named hats is currently closed, the current order in progress should be delivered to the club and be available for collection during the last week in March.

The next order for named hats will open after Easter.

Unnamed club hats are available all year round, please contact Helen Smith if you would like to purchase one. These can be paid for in cash upon collection as we hold them in stock.




​Any purchases made from ProSimwear using this link will raise funds for our club