Executive Committee

Management Committee

This Committee handles the day-to-day running of the Club and consists of at least the Chair, the Vice Chair, the Honorary Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Communications Officer and the Liaison Officer.

Executive Committee

Executive Committee, which is larger, meets less often. The Executive Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting every year by the members of RSC. There are a number of members of the Executive Committee who manage the organization and running of the Club. These are the Chair and his/her Deputy, Honorary Secretary, Membership Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Welfare Officer, Liaison Officer, Home Meets Manager, Away Meets Manager, Medical Officer, Swim 21 Coordinator, Voluntary Coordinator, Trophies Officer, Website Administrator, Fundraising Officer, Masters Secretary, Water polo Secretary and Teaching Programme Administrator.

The members of the Executive Committee that were elected at the AGM on 18 October 2018 are: 

Position Name     Position Name
President Roger Penfold   Trophies Officer Rebecca Corre
Chair Andrew Stout   Volunteers Coordinator Angela Anfield
Vice Chair Jerry Muscroft   Merchandising Officer Sarah Doyle
Honorary Secretary Diane Cryer   Website Administrator Sue Veal
Honorary Treasurer

 Ashish Bahuguna

Katie Roberts

  Masters Secretary Louise Sandell
Membership Secretary TBC   Water polo Secretary Paul Hancock
Liaison Officer Michelle Morgan   Fundraising Officer  Chris Roberts
Welfare Officer Rebecca Corre   CoacheRepresentative Gordon Dart
Communications Officer Donna McMenemy   Ordinary Member Jerry Muscroft
Home Meets Manager Angela Anfield, John Delaney, Sam Fleming   Ordinary Member Andrew Stout
Away Meets Manager David Saunders   Ordinary Member Craig Harrison
Honorary Medical Officer

Guy Jackson, Katie MacDonald

  Ordinary Member Clare McGlennon
Teaching Coordinator Hazel Syrad   Head Coach Lee Mallinson
Swim Mark  Coordinator Angela Anfield   Senior Club Captains Rory Tietema, Rachel Schofield