Mission Statement


Swim Bournemouth will strive to be the best trained and most successful club in Dorset while pushing to uphold the best ideals of sportsmanship. To achieve our goals we have a threefold mission:

  1. To use quality coaching, facilities and methods to develop swimmers who can excel at regional, national and international level.
  2. To provide a Long Term Athlete Development Plan for the children of the Bournemouth and the greater conurbation that allows all athletes to achieve their ultimate goals and ambitions.
  3. To be an athlete centred and coach driven organisation that is financially sound and administratively well supported.


The aim of Swim Bournemouth Swimming Club is to provide opportunities for all individuals to develop their skills and compete at levels appropriate to their development and maximise their potential as a competitive swimmer.

By becoming a part of Swim Bournemouth, and its self-development programme, you will take the first step in a journey that will lead you/your children to a world of fitness, confidence and sporting accomplishment that will be of benefit for years to come. For all of us, but especially to parents of the young, swimming in general and in particular offers a culture that rewards self-discipline and commitment and, very importantly, is also a great deal of fun. You and your children will make friends and acquaintances that promise to be rewarding lifelong associations.