Coloured Hat Progression

Cygnet Pool Groups

The standards shown here are for guidance only, there are many factors that govern the placing of swimmers into the different groups, for example age, size and ambitions will also be considered.  Swimmers with disabilities will be assessed according to their specific needs.

Groups shown in progression order.




Non swimmers. The main tasks carried out will be to gain confidence in the water and to kick on front and backs with the help of an aid. To move up to yellow hats swimmers should be able to kick without a float to 5m on their fronts and backs.


Yellow Hat pupils must confidently be able to kick without a float on their front and back, push and glide from a standing position to a laying position and vice versa. Swimmers must be able to swim 5m on their front with legs kicking and arms paddling and on their backs with a horizontal body with legs kicking and using arms. We also encourage swimmers to learn a basic understanding of breaststroke kick and dolphin kick.


Orange Hat pupils must be able to confidently swim on their front with straight legs kick overarm recovery, and a basic knowledge of breathing to the side. Also swimming on their backs with straight leg kick and straight arm recovery. For Breaststroke they must be able to have an understanding of breaststroke and butterfly (dolphin kick).


Blue Hat pupils must be able to push and glide on their front and back. Perform Frontcrawl swim for 10m breathing to the side and Backstroke swim for 10m with alternating arms. Blue hats must also demonstrate effective and legal Breaststroke and Butterfly (dolphin) leg kick for 5m.


Green Hat pupils must be able to perform appropriate breathing patterns on Front Crawl for a distance of 15 meters, they must also be able to swim backstroke for 15 meters and be able to do legal Breaststroke leg kick for 10m as well as a strong butterfly (dolphin) leg action for 10m. Also there will be an introduction to somersaults and sitting dives.


Red Hat pupils must be able to swim Frontcrawl for 20m with bilateral breathing, swim Backstroke for 20m. For Breaststroke and Butterfly they must be able to swim 20m and have correct leg action (ASA Guidelines) and be introduced to arm actions. They should also be able to perform sitting dives and tumble turns in a recognised manner.