Our Teaching Program

Learn-to-Swim with Staines Swimming Club

  • Well established teaching
  • Small teaching groups
  • Swim England legal stroke technique
  • Aspirational coloured hat scheme
  • Fun and educational teaching system
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Progression into competitive swimming

Please note that we now have special classes for teenagers and adults, please contact the club for details.

Our Swim School lessons are currently held at our purpose built teaching pool (Cygnet Pool) in the grounds of The Matthew Arnold School, Kingston Road, Staines.

The club runs the teaching program with both one-day and two-days per week options. The two-day program operates after school in the week and on Saturday mornings, parents can choose from either Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday or Wednesday & Saturday AM. For the one-day scheme, parents can choose either Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon.

Our main teaching program takes children from the age of 4.  For children under the age of 4, we would recommend Aquatots who use our facilities on a Sunday morning.  Please contact us for details.

Each pupil progresses through our well established teaching program learning the fundamentals of breathing in the water, body position and stroke work.  There are a variety of targets which each little swimmer strives to achieve, which are rewarded with our aspirational coloured swimming caps.  The groups start with White Hats for the complete non-swimmer and there are five coloured hat groups in total before progressing into the Advanced Teaching group.

Each lesson is 30 minutes long. During the lessons at the Cygnet Pool parents are asked to remain outside, this creates a more formal atmosphere similar to a classroom, which enhances the child’s learning experience and decreases the chance of distraction.

In the later stages of the scheme swimmers are introduced to some of the competitive elements of swimming such as tumble turns and competitive strokes, before progressing into the first main pool group.

The club is affiliated to Swim England, this makes the scheme unique within the area as our aim is not limited to teaching swimming to a competent standard, we also teach the strokes to a legal standard and teach the competitive elements of swimming.

Apart from Christmas and Easter, the program operates continuously from September to July and breaks only for August. Providing there is space available, you can join the scheme at any time.

If you require any further information or you wish your child to join then please contact 07885 536708, alternatively email [email protected]

Membership Fees

Fees for classes are £55.00 per calendar month for the two-day a week scheme and £33.50 per calendar month for the one day a week scheme.

In addition to the Lesson fees above, every member must pay an Annual Registration fee.   The Annual Registration fee is currently £30.00.  This fee is directly paid into the club 'Learn to Swim' contingency fund for insurance of the swimmer, equipment and building maintenance.  The Annual Registration fee is payable on entry to the club and thereafter every 12 months from the date of joining. The Club reserve the right to alter the registration fee at any time.