Who to Contact:


Elaine Cinquegrana, Chair  

Runs the committee and oversees the general administration of the club.

Judi Robinson, Secretary

Ensures that all administrative tasks run smoothly.

Sandra Lawrence, Treasurer

Manages the finances of the club, including finance statements and other documents required by the committee.

Kasia,  Membership Secretary and Committee Member

Registers swimmers with the ASA and organises the annual renewals

Tracy Adams, SwimMark and Committee Member 

Vacant, Black Swan co-ordinator and Committee Member 

Vacant, Cygnet Pool Maintenance & Committee Member click to email

Pawel Staniak, Workforce Coordinator & Committee Member  click to email

Vacant, PR and Marketing & Committee Member click to email



Louise Silvestri Communications

Delivers email and other notifications to all club members. 

Tracy AdamsFixtures Secretary  

Coordinates the participation of the club swimmers in Open Meets

Craig Smith, Club Welfare Officer

Observes the good practice and child protection policies within the club. Helps with the submission or CRB checks for all non-swimming club members

Rachael Sharp, Pool Bookings Officer 

Manages the bookings and hires of all the pools used by the club

Vacant, Social Secretary

Organises club social events

Leeanne Davies, Club Kit 

Alfredo Ramos, Website & Gala Results

Maintains this website, runs the recording computers at our galas.

Jamie Stevenson, Website & Gala Recordings




Leads all the coaching and teaching strategy and structure

Justin Langford Head Coach - Performance - National /  Performance - Regional email : [email protected]

Justin Langford, Performance Senior / Events Manager email : [email protected]

Louise Silvestri, Performance Junior

Tom BettsAdvanced Teaching Sunbury

Louise Silvestri, Advanced Teaching Bronze

Louise Silvestri, Advanced Teaching Silver

Lauren Kent, Advanced Teaching Gold

Tom Betts, Evie Culpin, Siobhan Cinquegrana, Black Hats Beginners & Advanced

Justin Langford & Louise Silvestri, Masters 


Learn to Swim School - email [email protected]

Louise Silvestri - Swim School Coordinator

Tracy Adams - Swim School Reception/Administration

Swim School Teachers:

Evie Culpin / Lauren Kent / Daisy Degen / Tom Betts / Siobhan Cinquegrana