British Swimming Hub Club

The club are very proud to be recognised as a British Swimming ‘Hub Club’ for disability  swimming.

What does this mean?

Well it means that as a club we agree to work in partnership with the ASA and deliver the following conditions and performance indicators:

  • The Club shall provide half yearly reports to the identified ASA Para Swimming Pathway Officer (PSPO). The Reports shall provide details of the numbers of swimmers that have been assessed and details of where they have been signposted to.
  • The Club is required to be affiliated with the ASA and have Swim 21 accreditation or working towards it
  • The Club shall maintain regular contact with the ASA PSPO
  • The Club will be required to demonstrate a full and active involvement and commitment to the delivery of the Hub club project as outlined by the ASA PSPO.
  • The club shall identify a member who will act as the first point of contact for communication regarding the ‘hub club’
  • The Club shall maintain/develop links with other swimming clubs and local providers of swimming sessions
  • The Club shall market its activities via either a web site and or articles in local newspapers/magazines
  • The Club shall maintain/develop links with key partners such as; Local Sports Development Team. County Sports Partnerships.
  • The lead Coach shall attend assessment training 

This all sounds quite formal, essentially as a club we will offer a pathway into swimming for disability swimmers, we will advertise that pathway and support it by training and educating our coaches.   This means developing links with other learn to swim schemes (for example 'everyone active') and offering our support to disability swimmers.  

If a disability swimmer lives out of the area then it may be that we use our connections with other clubs in the Swim21 network to place that swimmer at another club, more suitable to their location.  We will report back to the ASA on how we are doing.  

In return the ASA will offer us opportunities to develop our coaching staff by providing them with the specialist coaching skills, and advertising the club as a recognised 'hub club' on the British Swimming website.