Refunds Policy

Refunds and Cancellation Policy – 15thMay 2019

1. Introduction - Staines Swimming Club is a non-profit organisation and all

membership fees are used wherever possible to provide development of swimmers

through pool time, coaches, insurance etc. This policy is to explain the refund and

cancellation policy of the club; it is applicable to both the main pool and Cygnet pool

members. The policy is subject to regular review by the committee.

2. Cancelled Sessions

2.1 The squad fees provide access to membership of that group and not for a

contracted number of hours training per year. Sometimes training sessions are

cancelled for reasons and circumstances that are beyond the clubs control.

2.2 Where possible the head coach and the management committee will endeavour

to provide alternative extra pool time or land training sessions.

2.3 The club operates a no refund policy unless there have been three consecutive

weeks of cancelled training sessions with no extra sessions having been offered.

3. Swimmers leaving

3.1 It is recognised that members may wish to leave the club.

3.2 If a member leaves the club there will not be any refund of fees paid during the

calendar month in which they leave.

3.3 A member wishing to leave the club must give the secretary written (or email)

notice of leaving sent to by the 15 th of the

month. A members resignation shall only be deemed to have taken place when the

notice has been received.

3.4 As long as the resignation notification has been received by the 15 th of the

month, fees will not be due for the following calendar month. Any resignation

notification received after the 15th of the month, fees will be due for the following

month and resignation will be actioned for the end of the next month. Any fees paid

in advance will be refunded in full

4. Non-attendance

4.1 Swimmers are occasionally withdrawn from training due to medical or other

reasons. The management committee has been asked at various times whether the

club fees can be reduced during that period.

4.2 Due to the pressure on places within the squads the committee has decided to

ratify a decision that the swimmer must pay the full fees due in order to keep their

place within the squad during the period they are not training.

4.3 If parents do not wish to pay during this period they are at liberty to cancel the

swimmers club membership and therefore not pay any club fees. The swimmer can

then apply to re-join the club should they wish when they are able to resume


4.4 It must be clearly understood that the original place in the squad the swimmer

previously occupied may not be available at the time of re-joining.

4.5 Approval of any swimmer returning to the club is solely at the discretion of the

management committee.