Social Media Policy Swimmers


Staines Swimming Club - social media policy for Swimmers

Some of the information contained here is directly lifted from the ASA wave power policy

There are a number of reasons for this information being collated into a policy document. The
club recognises that it is increasingly using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The club use of
these and other media forums is only likely to increase going forward.

These are important communication tools for the club and also serve to raise the profile of Staines
Swimming Club. As we seek and obtain sponsorship for the club, the more followers we have, the
more attractive we are to potential sponsors.

As a club we also recognise that the use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter,
for example is a rapidly growing phenomenon and is increasingly being used as a communication
tool of choice by young people and adults. Facebook is reported to have in excess of five hundred
million active users worldwide. A third of the UK population is reported to have a Facebook

With social media comes a range of opportunities for promoting the club and the achievements of
it's swimmers in a positive way, unfortunately with social media also comes a range of different
problems, which parents, schools, and clubs have to manage.

With that in mind the club wishes to issue the following guidance to our swimmers regarding the
use of social media:

1. Do not ask your club coach or teacher to be your social networking site friend – they will refuse
as that would breach good practice.
2. Use the internet positively and do not place yourself at risk. Have a look at
for some useful tips.
3. Consider who you are inviting to be your friend and follow the good advice of the social
networking sites to ensure you are talking to the person you believe you are talking to.
4. Always consider that any communication, comments, photos and video clips posted on a social
networking site may be shared with persons other than those for whom it was intended.
Never share pictures of yourself or your friends that might reach other people that you do not wish
to see them. Also never post or send any photographs, videos or make comments that may be:
hurtful, untrue and upsetting and you may regret sharing later on or used by other people in a way
you did not intend or want.
5. Do not put pictures of other club members on the site within the club setting as you may breach
the ASA Photography Guidance. If you do wish to upload a picture you must get advice and
consent of your parent, the other young person and their parent and a club officer before even
considering uploading a photo. This will not prevent you having pictures of your swimming friends
on your site taken outside of the sporting arena but it is good advice to always ensure they and
their parents are happy with any picture you have of them on your site.
6. Always be aware that social networking sites are a method of communication like letter writing
and the spoken word. They are bound by the same laws and rules. Such technology is instant and
this allows you as the user to react in the ‘heat of the moment’, where in the past you would have
been required to write a letter, which would have taken time and allowed for you to think again
before sending. So never place a comment on the internet that you would not put in writing or say
to the individual concerned face to face as to do so may not only breach ASA Policy but also the

In summary we would advise that you apply a filter and that before hitting the send button you
consider this; 'would I want my parents or grandparents to see what I am about to send or post?' If
the answer is 'No' then you probably shouldn't be hitting the send button.

Please remember that once something is on the Internet or social media, it stays there, it can
always be retrieved, no matter how many times you hit delete.

If parents have concerns then please contact the club. We have two club welfare officers and can
also contact the ASA or other relevant authorities on your behalf.

Please also see the attached link to the relevant wave power documents for further guidance and
advice should you need it;

Chris Gadd
Staines Swimming Club