Volunteers & Officials

As a club, we host numerous galas each year; Black Swan Open and Development meets, Club Championships, Splash and Dash, Mini Sprints, Junior League, this list goes on...... we simply couldn't function without our parent volunteers and officials. 

Swimming galas are obviously an essential part of the sport of swimming for lots of different reasons.  They are very enjoyable for all the swimmers and often helps them to develop a sense of camaraderie, they also provide valuable experience of racing as well as being an important source of funds for all swimming clubs.  Every meet our kids attend is run entirely with volunteers. Officials are present at all competitions to implement the technical and administrative rules of swimming, thus ensuring that the competition is fair and equitable to each athlete, the officials too are volunteers.

Without this commitment from the families of swimmers, the sport could not survive. As a parent of a swimmer, you have the opportunity to be involved with your child and their sport in a variety of ways. One instrumental way of contributing to the success of the program is by volunteering your time and effort.

In an effort to meet these needs we have a volunteer system.  This volunteer system ensures we have an adequate stream of volunteers to provide the tools and resources necessary for swimmer development.  Quite frankly, without this volunteer system our club could not exist.

Volunteers can take on any number of roles; medals table, entry desk, raffle tickets, organising swimmers on poolside, announcer, selling space in the programme or running for the officials.

The officials at most galas are usually parents of current and former swimmers, if you're going to be at a gala all day you may as well get a free lunch out of it!! and get to meet some new people along the way.

You are able to sign up for ASA Swimming Official courses within the club and join a team of people helping all the swimmers in our club......if officiating isn't for you then why not contact Denise Harry our volunteers co-ordinator and offer your services for selling a few raffle tickets or taking money on the door.  The day goes quicker and if you can only spare an hour or two we totally understand!

Denise can be contacted here; [email protected]

There are annual opportunities to become an official for Swimming within the club.

Our next course will be announced shortly and will be for Judge level 1 / time keeping.  Andy Scott runs the courses, Andy is a parent of two swimmers within the club and is also a qualified referee who officiates nationally.  We are very fortunate that Andy is prepared to give his time this way.

The training courses are three sessions of around 60 - 90 minutes each, usually  spread over three months, so there is minimal time commitment.  After that you can work through a workbook as and when you are able to commit to a session at any of our galas.  It isn't complicated and can be completed as slowly or as quickly as you wish, some people remain in training for a couple of years, other people like to complete it fairly quickly, it's your call.


Middlesex County Swimming Officials Committee

Chairman: Ralph Shortland

E-mail: [email protected]

Most people involved with swimming and its associated disciplines recognise the need to have a well-regulated professional workforce and therefore from 1st October 2006 the ASA introduced a licensing scheme for swimming officials.  There are currently only 1000 licensed officials registered with the ASA.

From September 2010 Level 1 or 2 meets will require that all Judges working on poolside will have to have a minimum qualification of Licensed Judge 1.

From September 2011 all officials at these meets must hold a minimum qualification of Licensed Judge 1 – Therefore, officials who only hold a basic timekeeper qualification will not be able to officiate at a Level 1 or 2 meet after that time.

This means that in order to organise licensed meets at these licensing levels, Clubs, Middlesex County and London Region must ensure that sufficient numbers of licensed officials are available.   If the promoter cannot fulfil these requirements then the meets will not go ahead.

It is perceived that there will be a shortfall of suitably licensed officials in Clubs, County or Region by that time unless there is a radical uptake in applications for both officials training courses and Licensing.

Middlesex County urgently ask that all registered officials currently holding the qualification of Judge 1 or above who have not yet applied to be licensed, seriously consider applying.

Currently the cost (see below) is a personal cost but some clubs may pay for their officials licensing and it is hoped in the future that it may be funded centrally by the Region.

What is the Officials Licensing Scheme?

This scheme will demonstrate that as well as holding a recognised qualification the official regularly practices on the poolside and has undertaken education and training to ensure they are up to date with their knowledge of the rules of the sport.

Why do we need to have a licensing scheme?

To assist meet organisers in the selection of officials

To provide a summary statement of qualifications and experience

To help promote high standards

To provide a framework for continuous improvement and CPD

To provide a vehicle which can be used to implement change

To commit the holder to uphold the applicable Home Country Code of Ethics in swimming

To be part of a regulated and developing career structure

To enable the suspension or removal of the status


Who administers the Scheme?

The scheme is administered by the Institute of Swimming (IOS)

What does it cost?

£10 to cover a 4 year accreditation period.

What benefits are there?

You will receive a specially designed wallet containing:-

Photographic identification

Officials log book

Extracts of FINA laws

Aide-memoir for reporting of infringements of the rules

Plus subsidised CPD opportunities.

Who may apply for a Licence?

Registered Officials who are qualified as a Judge 1, Judge 2, Judge 2S, or Referee

How to apply for a licence

The application form must be completed and returned to the IOS together with the fee and a passport size photograph.  On initial application officials will be required to sign a declaration of recent poolside activity in the roles for which they are qualified.  This will require a signed confirmation by an active and qualified referee.


How long does it last?

The license will be valid for a period of 4 years from the date of issue.  It may then be renewed subject to the holder meeting the stated criteria for renewal.


How is it renewed?

Officials will be supplied with a log book for the purpose of recording poolside activity.  To renew the License officials will be required to comply with the following mandatory requirements


M1 - Hold a British Swimming (or equivalent) official’s qualification appropriate to the license category e.g. Judge 1, Judge 2, Judge 2S, Referee

M2 - Member of a club affiliated to the ASA, SASA or WASA or an individual member of IoS


M3 -  Have submitted the officials licensing form


M4 - Adherence to the Home Country Code of Ethics/Conduct and acceptance of the appropriate Home Country jurisdiction on any breach of the code.


M5 - Evidence of having attended the British Swimming Officials Awareness Module


M6 - Evidence of having attended a FINA Rules update


M7 - Evidence of having officiated in the role for which the license application applies on a minimum of 8 occasions over the previous 4 year license period of which a minimum of 2 occasions must be completed during the final year of the license period. One occasion equates to one session at a licensed meet (approximately 2-3 hours)


In addition a minimum of 10 points must be achieved from the options listed below.  A minimum of 2 different options must be included although the maximum points in each option may not be achieved. The maximum number of points that can contribute towards the license is listed in the right hand column calculated on the basis of 1 point per hour.  Evidence submitted cannot be more than 4 years old.


E1 - Attendance at British Swimming or IoS CPD events for officials


E2 -  Achievement of additional British Swimming (or equivalent) official’s qualification


E3 - Evidence of having been mentored by a more experienced and/or higher qualified British Swimming licensed official


E4 - Evidence of having mentored an unqualified, less qualified and/or inexperienced official


E5 - Evidence of having delivered a British Swimming officials seminar or course


E6 - Evidence of having participated in relevant committees/working parties at County, Regional or National events


Details of the Officials Courses that are being organised within the County are posted on the MCASA Website.


These courses are free-of-charge to members of Middlesex Swimming Clubs.