Junior Performance 1

Weekly Training Schedule - Junior Performance 1- 1st August 2019

Coach - Julie Punter


Monday PM

Egham Orbit

6.20-6.30 Pre Pool

6.30-8.30 Pool

8.30-8.40 Post Pool

Tuesday AM

Bishopsgate School

5.20-5.30 Pre Pool

5.30-7.00 Pool

7.00-7.15 Post Pool

Tuesday PM

Bishopsgate School 

5.45-6.45  Land Training 

7.15-8.15 Pool

8.15-8.25 Post Pool

Thursday AM

Egham Orbit

5.20 - 5.30 Pre Pool

5.30 - 7.00 Pool

Thursday PM

Egham Orbit

6.30-8.30 Pool

8.30 -8.40 Post Pool

Friday PM


6.20-6.30 Pre Pool

6.30-8.30 Pool

8.30-8.40 Post Pool

Saturday AM


6.45-7.00 Pre Pool

7.00-8.00 Pool (50m)

8.00-8.15 Post Pool


Pre Pool

55 minutes

Post Pool

1 hour 

Swim 25m

12 hours

Swim 50m

1 hour

Land Training

1 hour 15 minutes

Total Weekly Training  16 hours 10 minutes



  • Swimmers aged 9 years must maintain an attendance of four or more sessions per week.

  • Swimmers aged 10 - 11 years must maintain an attendance of five or more sessions per week one of which must be a morning session.

  • Swimmers aged 12 years must maintain an attendance of six or more sessions per week two of which must be morning sessions.

  • Swimmers must attend all target open meets and support all Black Swan club events


Athlete Development Support Pathway Stage: Learn to Train 

Age Range: 9 - 12 years

Development Phase: Major skill learning and development stage, all basic skills and techniques learned before swimmers enter puberty. 

Typical Weekly Training Volume: 11-24 kilometers per week

Progressions: Peak motor development, fundamental technical skill development progressively more specific stroke work. Fundamental ancillary capacities, knowledge and experience, land based work introduced to develop fundamental movements and body weight exercises. Pre and post pool work outs introduced and developed with progressive routines.

Swim Specific: Development of all four strokes and Individual Medley, specific events 200m Freestyle and 200m IM for gauging technical efficiency and stroke maintenance.

About: Junior Performance 2 is the second squad in the Performance Pathway, swimmers who show the aptitude and desire to peruse competitive swimming with a view to long term development and sport specific commitment are invited at the ages of 9,10, 11 and 12 where appropriate to join the squad. The squad aims at preparing swimmers for regional and national level competition.

Swimmers will take part in regular morning training for the first time and will agree to follow the training program which gives the best opportunity to achieve “full potential”. Swimmers must maintain consistent training volume and quality throughout the growth and development years which is vital to long term success as an athlete.

Training Fees:

Monthly Training Fees for Junior Performance are £88.00 per month.


Annual subscription is £88.00 inclusive of ASA registration fee (payable by mid February each year)


Contact for information:

Head Coach: Marcin Paszek

[email protected] 


Squad Notice Board: (Check below here for any updates / changes / messages from your coach)