Club Structure

Club Structure and Pathways

The club structure diagram is intended to give an indication of how swimmers are grouped based on ability, commitment and their stage of ADSP (Athletic Development Support Pathway).  Swimmers will be moved at the discretion of the coaches and the coaching staff will make decisions in relation to all squad changes.

Moves between groups may be possible other than those indicated on the diagram.


Club Structure 2021


The link below will show you the entire club and squad program overview in PDF format



The link below will show you all squads entry criteria, testings and monitoring sets and equipment required in PDF format



Club Pathways

Performance Pathway

The Performance Pathway is for swimmers who want to aim at Regional and National level swimming. A training program is provided to allow swimmers to reach their full potential in these squads with a structured annual plan involving 3-5 training and competition cycles. Commitment levels and attendance are key factors in long term development and continued progression. Swimmers will achieve high levels of physical conditioning and attain finely tuned race skills and technique, allowing them to perform at the highest levels.


Senior Competitive

Senior swimmers who have followed a highly competitive swimming program as junior athletes and want to maintain and improve as a senior have the opportunity to continue their training with a flexible program designed around work and study commitments. 


Competitive Pathway

This represents the largest section of the club where we provide a clear pathway from swim school through to County level swimming. Advanced Teaching and County Development Squad are key squads which allow swimmers to enhance their fundamental skills learnt in the swim school and take their first steps into competitive swimming at a level and in an environment that will give them confidence. Swimmers progress through the ADSP stages in County Squad 12- 15 years where swimmers focus on building the aerobic engine and then have the opportunity to focus on optimizing performance in Sprint Squad.



Staines Academy

This is an important pathway within the club allowing swimmers to remain in the sport at a commitment level that suits in a relaxed but structured environment following ADSP. Swimmers may use swimming training to enhance their other sports and swim for enjoyment and physical wellbeing. 


It's important to note swimmers are able to transition from different pathways at anytime when ready and able to meet the squad entry criteria.