Black Hats

Black Hats is the first level in the main pool programme. Swimmers have now reached the basic level of Backstroke, Frontcrawl and Breaststroke. Swimmers recap these strokes swimming over greater distance at Bishopsgate School or Egham Orbit Leisure Centre in a 25m pool. Sessions now increase to one hour in duration.  The main emphasis is to recap and improve endurance on the three strokes learned in the swim schools 30 minute lessons and learn proficient butterfly.

The Head Coach has designed a unique butterfly teaching method which has been proven over the last decade to teach children the fundamental body movements in a fun way allowing for rapid development of the stroke.  Swimmers will enhance their streamlining, gliding and other fundamental skills alongside poolside diving. The lesson will run on an eight week teaching cycle incorporating all the fundamental skills and movements required to progress to the advanced teaching group.  Swimmers will be ready to progress when they have grasped the fundamental techniques on all four strokes allowing for proficient execution over 25m.  There will be an emphasis on fun learning and they get introduced to their first competitions (called Mini Meets) allowing them the chance to compete a safe, fun environment.


Swimmers will attend one session per week which is an hour in duration.  Currently they swim on Sundays at Bishopsgate School, Englefield Green 4-5pm or 5-6pm OR on Thursdays at Egham Orbit Leisure Centre 6.45-7.45pm.  To book your session please contact [email protected]

Monthly Fee: £60.00

Boys 7-10 years and girls 6 to 10 years although swimmers who start lessons later or physically develop at a slower rate will be able to attend this lesson at the discretion of the Swim School Manager.


1 Litre water bottle (per hour of training)

Training Fins – Kiefer Silicone are good starter fins

Goggles plus spare pair

Swim Hat plus spare

Mesh Kit Bag